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Upgrade your Arcam AVR 600 / AVR 888 with Couture Digtial for authorised dealer service. We will arrange for collection of your amplifier and will deliver it back to you with the new upgrade installed, contact us on 0800 195 4825 /

Arcam have just announced the new 1.4 HDMI boards are now available for the AVR600 and AVR888! The 1.4 HDMI board as well as allowing 3D pass through, also offers faster video switching. As a long awaited upgrade kit there is already a back order starting to build. Contact Couture Digital today to order your 3D upgrade board from an authorised Arcam dealer.

Upgrading your Arcam AVR600 or AVR888 could not be simpler.

Arcam 3D 1.4 HDMI upgrade: £500.00 (board only)

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Arcam official 3D upgrade strategy statement:

A major benefit of “ground-up” design in AV manufacturing is the flexibility to offer upgrades as technology develops. With this in mind Arcam have announced its intention to offer an upgrade to existing and future customers of its current AV receivers to 3D compatibility.

Appreciating the considerable investment its customers make when choosing an AVR500, AVR600 or AV888 the company are keen to assure owners that their investment is protected.

Having spoken to many consumers it’s clear that many are confused about the benefits of 3D; exactly what extra equipment is needed to achieve 3D in their own systems and which of the technologies might be a long-term winner. The hassle and expense of 3D glasses is also seen as a major hurdle.

Whatever the outcome, Arcam are investing in a new video board for their AV amplifier family that will allow pass through of HD 3D signals. The upgrade will be HDMI 1.4 compliant and be available early in 2011. The new video board will be a dealer fit.

Arcam is also hoping to offer an upgrade kit for 3D for its forthcoming BDP100 Blu-ray player but exact details will depend on chip manufacturers’ roadmap. The BDP100 is expected to ship soon while the company hope to offer a 3D upgrade later in 2011.