Artcoustic Announce Additions to their CPH Series

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Artcoustic, a world leading manufacturer of audio solutions, have recently announced two new additions to their popular CPH Series, which the company describe as a range comprising ‘well-thought-out, all-rounder products’.

The two new lines being added to the range are named the CPH Trio 2.1 Digital Amplifier and the CPH-10 Subwoofer and are respectively Artcoustic’s smallest ever amplifier and subwoofer. They still, however, are able to deliver high-end performance, at least according to the company’s announcement.

That announcement, too, suggests that the new products are ideal for combination with the company’s SL range of speakers. Such a combination, as per Artcoustic, is able to ‘give a top of the range entry level set-up that will deliver crisp, honest sound for home or commercial environments’.

The CPH Trio 2.1 is a compact digital amplifier which features speaker line level input to connect with virtually any device. For lossless audio, the amplifier can also be connected to digital devices through the Trio Coaxial Digital input, or wireless through the latest Hi-Fi grade, Bluetooth technology.

Easy-to-use volume and gain controls are key to the CPH Trio and combine with some simple but very handy filters, such as the Artcoustic ASOF sub frequency EQ filter and a flat shelve treble filter. Finally, the amp also comes with an efficient and easy-to-use digital crossover, ensuring perfect acoustic integration.

The CPH-10 Subwoofer, meanwhile, is an efficiently designed solution which produces a fast, dynamic bass response and exceptional musical authority, easily integrated into any small Artcoustic system. Powerful and clean bass, with low distortion is assured thanks to the CPH-10’s low resonance frequency bass reflex design.

What’s more, the new subwoofer also features a single high-quality 10” bass unit, fitted within a specially tuned, elegant and contemporary cabinet. That allows for vertical and horizontal floor placement as well as providing an aesthetically pleasing on-wall solution for installs where floor space is premium.

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