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Artcoustic are famous for their loudspeakers that can be finished with a print of any design. Their speakers not only deliver high-end sonic performance but also customisation and on-wall mounting so that they blend into a room like a piece of framed artwork. In recent years Artcoustic have also been behind some of the most advanced dedicated home cinemas through their Spitfire range of speakers. Couture Digital uses Artcoustic speakers in many of our installations, such as; 7.1 home cinemas and designer stereo music systems. See our pricing page for an example system.

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Artcoustic also offer a superb experience facility in Chelmsford.

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Better, by Design
Usually in the world of sound and cinema, you have to choose between great design and great performance. There are exceptions of course, but in general, that’s the way it is. Especially when it comes to loudspeaker design; if it looks good, it’s unlikely to sound good, and for some reason, if it sounds good, it very rarely looks good. At Artcoustic, we have never accepted this idea. So when you buy an Artcoustic speaker, you get the best of both worlds. They sound great, because we have brought years of knowledge and experience to bear on designing speakers that reproduce music and movie soundtracks faithfully, accurately and in breathtaking detail and they appeal to the eye because we came up with the idea of interchangeable screens. Quite simply, you choose how your speakers look. We have a wide portfolio of beautiful patterns and designs, and of pictures from artists and photographers including an array of iconic images from the Getty Images Gallery.

We also offer a bespoke printing service where you can provide an image, for example a commissioned artwork or photograph, and we print this on to screens for your speakers. As the screens are interchangeable the image can be changed whenever you like. You choose how your speakers look, so they always complement
rather than conflict with any interior design.

Going back to the roots of traditional Danish loudspeaker design, Artcoustic has transformed the conventional loudspeaker with a modern look. We strive for perfect sound reproduction, using only the most advanced technology available. Artcoustic is a state-ofthe-art product, a loudspeaker that is among the elite of high-end
loudspeakers worldwide. The remarkable dynamic range and efficiency, far higher than conventional hi-fi designs, make Artcoustic loudspeakers the perfect solution for both high-end residential and commercial applications. The Artcoustic loudspeaker is the first and only of its kind, combining a unique mix of art and design with the science of acoustics.

Great looks, great sound. Great news.



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