Artcoustic Home Cinema Showroom – Chelmsford

Call 0800 195 4825 to book your private demonstration.

The Artcoustic Sound & Cinema showroom is a superb facility demonstrating the wide range of Artcoustic products. From the signature DF range of Art-screen speakers, to the  studio grade Spitfire range, perfect for dedicated Cinemas and commercial applications, the entire collection is on display for your private consideration.

Artcoustic Dedicated Cinema Showroom 1

Acoustically Transparent Fixed Screen

Artcoustic Dedicated Cinema Showroom 2

Frontrow Home Cinema Seating

Expertly designed, Couture Digital can provide access to Artcoustic’s application-orientated facility. So, whether your project is a lounge media room in need of high performance and high lifestyle speakers; a dedicated home cinema room; or a VIP bar and nightclub, the Artcoustic systems have been installed thoughtfully to give you an accurate experience of what they are capable of.

Artcoustic Dedicated Cinema Showroom 3

Control Fx iPad System

Artcoustic Dedicated Cinema Showroom 4

Artcoustic 7.2 Speakers + Subwoofers

Perhaps the most exciting demonstration area is the dedicated home cinema room, equipped with Artcoustic’s incredible 4-2-1 Spitfire system, rarely is there an opportunity to experience a purpose designed and built space so expertly executed. Visits to the Artcoustic Sound & Cinema showroom are by invitation only through a select dealer network, contact Couture Digital to arrange your private demonstration.

Artcoustic Speakers for Music & Cinema

Artcoustic Speakers for Music & Cinema