Axis Communications Release New Multifunctional Door Station

AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station

Axis Communications, a world leading company in the field of network security and other surveillance solutions, have in the past few days announced the release of a new multifunctional door station.

Named the Axis A8207-VE Network Video Door Station, the new product is packed full of exciting features. Primary amongst them are a fully featured 6 MP security camera, two-way audio communication and access control.

Each station combines the top level camera with a keypad for dialling and PIN verification and acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction amongst other useful elements. Each station also includes an integrated RFID access control reader.

That RFID reader offers easy employee access and allows for remote entrance control using your computer, desk phone or mobile device. That makes the door station ideal for a range of different commercial installation environments.

Overall, the Axis A8207-VE increases efficiency by providing surveillance, visitor management, and employee access in one device. What’s more, support for analytics such as motion and sound-based detection allows for triggering of events like verbal greetings or recordings when an approaching individual is detected.

The leading-edge door station also includes an induction loop for hearing aids makes interaction accessible for people with hearing loss. To provide a holistic security solution, the A8207-VE is based on open standards. That means it easily integrates with other systems and solutions such as video management, access control and VoIP communication.

If you want to discuss your requirements for Axis Communications security and surveillance solutions please call us on 0800 195 4825.


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