Lutron Expand Their High Performance LED Fixture Range

Lutron Expands High-Performance LED Fixture Collection

Lutron Electronics, a world leading company in the field of smart lighting and home automation, have in the past few days announced an expansion to their Finiré 3” by Ivalo downlight light fixture collection.

The Finiré range, which is a part of Lutron’s wider Ivalo collection and already contains pendants, sconces, and linear lighting, has now been broadened by the addition of new warm dimming and wet location versions of the three inch Finiré downlight.

The new additions increase the capabilities of the high-performance LED fixture in a variety of ways. Firstly, the warm dimming fixture enhances the ambiance of LED illumination for customers interested in trim options and other features of the Finiré 3” line.

The wet-location Finiré Prime fixture, meanwhile, is a version of the fixture which can be installed above sinks and showers, allowing for a consistent whole-home aesthetic for customers looking for a more price-conscious fixture.

Speaking in light of the announcement of the company’s pair of new fixture options, Lutron’s executive vice president Ed Blair waxed lyrical about what the expanded Finiré range can provide to homeowners:

‘With these latest additions to the Finiré family, Lutron has brought new benefits to whole-home illumination… Now dealers can offer top-notch color [sic] rendering, outstanding color [sic] consistency and best-in-class dimming performance to a growing and valuable market segment.’

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Savant Introduce a New Line of LED Light Strips

Savant Introduces Low-Voltage DMX Controller and LED Lighting Strips

Savant, a leading manufacturer of home automation and smart lighting solutions, have in the past week announced an array of new professional integrator-quality architectural light strips.

The new line of LED lighting strips are compatible with Savant’s TrueImage software and are designed to provide a whole host of new smart lighting options to homeowners.

Amongst the newly introduced line-up of lighting strips are options which are perfect for cove lighting, or indirect illumination behind flat panel TVs, inside cabinets and more.

The range, too, features tunable white LED strip allows for colour temperature adjustments, changing automatically in concert with Circadian Rhythm throughout the day or manually by the homeowner as needed.

With help from the Savant Pro App, what’s more, Savant’s WRGB light strip also provides all the features found on the tunable white model plus the option to select from millions of colour choices as well.

Speaking about the firm’s new lighting strips, Savant CEO Robert Madonna explained what the new range can offer to homeowners in practice:

‘Savant continues to focus on innovative product solutions that exceed the capabilities of what is currently available on the market…The new LED lighting strip product line, representing a valuable opportunity for integration specialists, brings the color [sic] selecting simplicity of TrueImage and Savant Scenes to more areas of the home than ever before.’

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Lutron Officially Launch New RA2 Select Lighting Control System

Image result for Lutron RA2 Select

Lutron Electronics, a world leading manufacturer or smart lighting and home automation solutions, have in the past week officially launched their newest lighting control system. Named Lutron RA2 Select, the new control system is described as a simple and expandable whole-home lighting and shading control system for residential properties.

Designed to be more user-friendly, the system – which was initially announced at the end of 2017 – makes it easier for homeowners to personalise their property’s lighting and also works with various third part home automation technologies. Those include Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit and the Works with Nest program.

Essentially representing a simple, more affordable lighting control system for homeowners, RA2 Select’s most notable feature is its easy installation. Everything is set-up from within a dedicated app, and recommended lighting and shading scenes are created as each device is added to the system.

Up to 100 of those different devices can be built into each RA2 Select system and the only wiring required is related to the in-line dimmers and switches. All other wall switches, dimmers and sensors are wireless, do not require any intrusive installation work and work through a mains repeater.

David Ribbons, Lutron’s senior director of sales in Europe and Africa, explained just what RA2 Select provides to homeowners:

‘RA2 Select puts total control in the hands of the end-user – allowing them to manage and personalise their system in any way. This makes it an ideal solution for homeowners who want the benefits of a professionally installed smart home system, but also the flexibility and power to make their own changes via the app.’

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Denon & Marantz Get IMAX Enhanced Firmware Update

Sound United, the parent company of audio specialist brands Denon and Marantz, have in the past week announced a new firmware update to introduce IMAX Enhance technology to their audio visual products and solutions.

The newly announced firmware update will mean initially that the Denon AVR-X8500 AV receiver and Marantz AV8805 AV preamp/processor will be the first AV components equipped with IMAX Enhanced technology.

IMAX Enhanced has been developed in concert by IMAX and DTS, to certify digitally remastered Ultra HD/HDR video with immersive 3D DTS surround sound for delivery through certified audio and video products that meet performance standards and incorporate a proprietary suite of IMAX and DTS technologies.

In light of the announcement of the new update, Sound United issued a statement explaining the implications and potential benefits of giving Denon and Marantz customers access to IMAX Enhanced:

‘As IMAX Enhanced content becomes available, owners of these products will have access to one of the most advanced audio and visual formats available… With meticulous adjustments modelled on how the IMAX theatrical sound system operates, this proprietary IMAX audio mix is translated for home theatre environments.’

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Axis Communications Announce Launch of New 360-Degree View Security Camera

Axis Communications

Axis communications, a world leading manufacturer of network security cameras and other surveillance solutions, have announced the launch of a new multidirectional, high image resolution camera.

Named the Axis P3717-PLE Network Camera, the new security solution allows for flexible positioning of four varifocal camera heads, thus offering a panoramic 360-degree overview or a combination of overviews in zoomed in detail.

The new camera is fitted with an integrated weather shield to make it just as suitable for outdoor as for indoor use, and boasts IR illumination with individually controllable LEDs to help capture clear images even in low light or darkness.

Suggested as an ideal solution for any environment form a shopping centre to a warehouse or a hallway intersection to an outer corner of a premises, the Axis P3717-PLE also enables a lower overall cost for cabling and installation services.

What’s more, it includes a redundancy system between the SD card and server should the connection with the server fail. All of those features and more helped the new camera to win Video Surveillance Camera of the Year at the first inaugural Intersec Awards in Dubai and led to effusive praise from Axis regional manager, Ettiene Van Der Watt;

‘In comparison to the single sensor fisheye cameras, these multidirectional cameras do not spend resolution on irrelevant areas or suffer from optical distortion. It’s an honour for our team to receive such a prestigious award and the accolades from the industry, all of which are a testimony to our commitment to innovation.’

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Loewe Introduce Personalised Audio Update for their TVs

loewe 4K HDR OLED Bild 3.65 TV installed in modern living room

Loewe, the world renowned TV manufacturer from Germany, have this past week announced an exciting personalised update to improve the overall audio quality of their wide range of different TV product lines.

The company have entered into a long-term partnership with sound personalisation specialists Mimi Hearing Technologies to bring audio optimisation to its current and future TVs. Loewe TVs already outstrip many rivals when it comes to sound quality, thanks to their built-in sound bars, but this new partnership is set to take things to a whole new level.

Through working with Mimi, Loewe are introducing software to their TVs which is designed to tailor the TVs’ audio performance to individual tastes and needs. It does so by using algorithms to create a profile for the user based on age, supposedly using data from over a million anonymous Mimi Hearing Test results.

Mimi Defined technology, therefore works, to analyse audio content in real time and adjust it to individual hearing sensitivity. The technology has only previously been available for headphones but will now be built into new Loewe TVs, and for existing models the (Bild 3 and higher) via a newly released software upgrade.

The impressive personalised sound will come free as part of all new Loewe TVs but it is believed that owners of existing Loewe sets will have to pay in order to receive the software update.

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