Axis Communications Release New Multifunctional Door Station

AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station

Axis Communications, a world leading company in the field of network security and other surveillance solutions, have in the past few days announced the release of a new multifunctional door station.

Named the Axis A8207-VE Network Video Door Station, the new product is packed full of exciting features. Primary amongst them are a fully featured 6 MP security camera, two-way audio communication and access control.

Each station combines the top level camera with a keypad for dialling and PIN verification and acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction amongst other useful elements. Each station also includes an integrated RFID access control reader.

That RFID reader offers easy employee access and allows for remote entrance control using your computer, desk phone or mobile device. That makes the door station ideal for a range of different commercial installation environments.

Overall, the Axis A8207-VE increases efficiency by providing surveillance, visitor management, and employee access in one device. What’s more, support for analytics such as motion and sound-based detection allows for triggering of events like verbal greetings or recordings when an approaching individual is detected.

The leading-edge door station also includes an induction loop for hearing aids makes interaction accessible for people with hearing loss. To provide a holistic security solution, the A8207-VE is based on open standards. That means it easily integrates with other systems and solutions such as video management, access control and VoIP communication.

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Extron Announce Immediate Availability of HC 404 Collaboration System With Zoom Room Control

Extron Now Shipping HC 404 Collaboration System with Zoom Room Control

In the second of a pair of shipping announcements this week, Extron Electronics announced the immediate availability of their HC 404 Meeting Space Collaboration System.

Originally launched a few weeks ago by the audio visual and collaboration space specialists, the HC 404 is a system that extends control capabilities to Zoom Rooms. According to Extron, in fact, it provides a one-touch user experience for conferencing, collaboration, and AV room control.

That means that all audio visual and conferencing functions within a collaboration can brought under one umbrella. All that’s needed to control and customise them is a single interface on an Extron TouchLink Pro Series touchpanel.

The HC 404 is easy to use and able to be leveraged in a number of different installation environments. It combines video switching, scaling, signal extension, and system control into a transmitter and receiver pair that seamlessly integrates with a variety of room configurations.

That allows the system to automate common functions, such as display power and source switching. It also lets users quickly share projects by simply connecting their laptop, tablet, or other source device.

Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, was understandably upbeat regarding the possibilities provided by the now shipping HC 404 system:

‘The HC 404 with Zoom Room control brings enhanced capabilities for convenient management of conferencing and room functions…Customers deploying multiple Zoom Rooms can now save time and money by ordering this powerful collaboration solution preconfigured at no additional cost.’

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Extron Now Shipping Their Innovative SB 33 A Soundbar

Image result for extron SB 33 A

Extron Electronics, world leaders in audio visual solutions, have announced in the past week that they are now shipping their new SB 33 A Soundbar. First launched back in February, the SB 33 A is the industry’s first adjustable width soundbar.

According to Extron, the soundbar has been specifically designed to enhance the audio experience in collaboration spaces. Its innovative adjustable width design lets the soundbar be customised to precisely match the width of any and every display it’s used with.

The SB 33 A has four size versions to choose from, each with a 9″ range of adjustment to create a custom look for displays from 46″ to 80″.

The SB 33 A isn’t all about aesthetics, either. It also offers high performance sound and professional install features. What’s more, it accommodates most USB webcams, and has option available to mount a PTZ camera or have no camera at all.

Extron recommend the SB 33 A for use in small to medium size spaces that require exceptional speech intelligibility and high quality program audio. That makes it a great solution for modern businesses, according to Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall:

‘Based on extensive industry feedback, we designed this new sound bar to specifically meet the needs of commercial environments…This sound bar uniquely sizes to the display, installs quickly, and provides flexible options that let system designers customize it for a range of collaboration spaces.’

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Panasonic Team Up With JVC Optimise Projection System Performance

Image result for Panasonic DP-UB9000 UltraHD Blu-ray disc player

Global technology giants Panasonic and JVC have teamed up and announced an exciting new collaboration to optimise projection system performance.

The two firms have rolled out a partnership that offers increased picture quality when JVC native 4K projectors are used with Panasonic’s DP-UB9000 UltraHD Blu-ray disc player.

The collaboration utilises the two products to produce high-quality HDR images. According to the firms, the partnership is based upon taking advantage of the HDR Optimizer feature, which tone maps HDR10 content based on the metadata to match the capabilities of a connected display device.

In order to get full benefit from the improved HDR images, projection systems will need to utilise one of two dedicated colour profiles. The profiles work in conjunction with the DP-UB9000’s HDR Optimizer option to produce the best possible image.

The choice of HDR profiles comes down to dealer or homeowner preference for image quality. The high luminance option prioritises image brightness and the basic setting prioritises wide colour gamut reproduction.

A new firmware update for the new HDR profiles is being made available by Panasonic, whilst updated disc players with the new firmware will soon start shipping.

Speaking in light of the announcement, Panasonic’s business development manager Bill Voss, spoke of the company’s pleasure at working with JVC:

‘The JVC native 4K D-ILA projector and the UB9000 with its unique features are a great fit…We are very excited about this collaborative effort to bring consumers the best in home entertainment.’

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Control4 Break Their Own Record For CE Pro Quest For Quality Awards

Control4 - CE Pro Quest for Quality Awards 2019 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Control4 Corporation, a world leading provider of home automation and smart control solutions, were recently awarded a record breaking ten CE Pro Quest For Quality Awards. That surpassed the nine awards won by the company last year, which set the previous benchmark.

The CE Pro Quest For Quality Awards are an annual event to honour manufacturers for excellence in non-product related services across 16 categories. The 2019 awards were the ninth time they had been held and saw a remarkable 7,128 home technology professionals voting for the year’s winners.

Control 4’s ten awards were split between the three highest levels available. The company were recognised with Platinum Awards for Best Technical Support, Best Lead Generation, and Best Sales & Marketing Assistance.

Gold award were forthcoming in the Best Customer Service/General Communication, Best RMR Support Program, Best Shipping Policies and Best Co-Op Advertising Program categories. The company’s two Silver Awards were for Best Dealer Protection Policies and Best Social Media Presence.

Speaking in light of the awards, Control4 CEO and chairman Martin Plaehn spoke of the company’s pride at being recognised by fellow industry professionals:

‘Being presented with a record-breaking number of CE Pro Quest for Quality awards indicates that we’re committed to the success of our dealers and we remain incredibly proud that our training, support, marketing, shipping policies, social media, and more are visibly serving our industry.’

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Ikea Provide Early Glimpse of Sonos-Powered Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

People have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Ikea and Sonos’ Symfonisk product range since the collaboration between the companies were first announced. In the past week, the Swedish furniture giants provided an earlier than expected glimpse of the finished version of the first of those products.

Ikea and Sonos had already revealed that the first Symfonisk product to be launched would be a wi-fi bookshelf speaker. It was due to be unveiled on April 9th, before going on sale worldwide sometime in August.

The first snaps of the Sonos-powered bookshelf speaker, however, were made available this week. They accompanied an Ikea blog post which revealed that the Symfonisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker was one of seven of their products to receive a prestigious Red Dot Award.

The final design of the new Symfonisk speaker can be seen in the photo at the top of this post. It is essentially a slightly polished version of the original prototype displayed last year, with a subtle Sonos/Ikea tag added at the top.

Ikea’s sneak peek photos also revealed one further thing about the new speaker. That was that it can stand upright or be mounted either vertically or horizontally. That fits with Ikea’s philosophy of functionality and will make the speaker suitable for a wider variety of homes.

It’s still unclear just home much the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker or other products in the range will cost. Sonos and Ikea have both continually promised, however, that the products will come at ‘an affordable price’.

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