Extron Announce New Certification of Professional Grade Canon Projectors

Extron XTP Systems Now Connect Directly to Canon Projectors

Extron, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of audio visual solutions, have in the past few days announced the certification of multiple Canon professional-grade projectors for direct connection and quick setup within XTP Systems.

As a result of the new certification, the twisted pair inputs on the Canon WUX5800, WUX6700, WUX5800Z, WUX6600Z, WUX7000Z, and WUX7500 projectors can be set to be recognized as an XTP receiver. That means that video, audio, RS-232 control, and Ethernet signals can be transmitted directly to the device.

The announcement from Extron means that Canon are another world renowned name to join the list of leading display manufacturers offering commercial projectors and flat panel displays that have been certified for Extron XTP systems.

According to Extron, such certified projectors and displays are ideal for simple point-to-point installations or for use in combination with an XTP II CrossPoint or XTP CrossPoint matrix switcher for AV signal switching and distribution applications.

Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron, explained the potential benefits offered by the newly XTP certified projectors:

‘Consultants and integrators continually look for better ways to deploy streamlined designs and simplify the installation process…XTP-certified display devices such as the Canon projectors simplify designs, are easy to integrate, and provide transparent operation in the widest variety of commercial environments.’

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Crestron Win Two LFI Innovation Awards at LightFair International 2018

Crestron Wins LFI Innovation Awards at LightFair  International 2018 Tradeshow

Crestron Electronics, a world renowned firm in the field of commercial lighting solutions as well as home automation, have in the past week announced that they were awarded two prestigious LFI Innovation Awards at LightFair International 2018.

LightFair International is the world’s largest architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, and the LFI Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and honour the ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness of manufacturers within the lighting industry.

It was Crestron’s new SolarSync daylight sensor with correlated colour temperature (CCT) and a luminous intensity meter, which accounted for the firm’s two awards. Those awards came in the ‘Technical Innovation’ and the ‘Controls: Components, Sensors, Interfaces and Software’ categories, and were the result of the deliberations of an independent panel of renowned lighting professionals.

Crestron’s SolarSync daylight sensor has been designed by the company to analyse the colour temperature of ambient light and direct indoor lighting to automatically match the detected colour when mounted outdoors or in an area exposed to plenty of natural light.

According to Crestron’s Chief Technology Officer, Fred Bargetzi, the two LFI Innovation Awards represent an endorsement of the hard work that went into developing the innovation solution:

‘Crestron is extremely proud and honoured [sic] to be recognized [sic] for our innovative commercial lighting solutions…These awards are validation of the hard work and ingenuity of the hundreds of engineers and visionaries in our R&D labs.’

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Extron Introduce New Series of Compact Four Input Scalers

Image result for Extron IN1804

Extron Electronics, a world renowned supplier of audio visual solutions, have in the past few days announced the introduction of a new range of compact four input scalers. Named the IN1804 Series, the new scalers are described as providing state-of-the-art video scaling, switching and integration features that set a new benchmark standard for the industry.

Each of the new scalers within the IN1804 Series support HDMI 2.0b data rates up to 18 Gbps and incorporate the Extron-exclusive Vector 4K scaling engine with 4:4:4 chroma sampling and 30-bit internal video processing for best-in-class image quality, according to the company’s announcement.

As well as all of that, the new scalers are also slated as providing a whole host of additional features. Some of the most notable of those features include seamless switching effects, logo keying, still image recall, and optional twisted pair input / output capability.

According to Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, all of that means that the IN1804 Series can deliver the highest of high performance:

‘The IN1804 Series sets the bar for 4K/60 4:4:4 switching and scaling with uncompromised image quality and advanced features…These next generation scalers deliver the highest performance for the most demanding applications and give customers flexibility in addressing a wide variety of system designs.’

The IN1804 Series contains two distinct models named the IN1804 DI and the IN1804 DO. The IN1804 DI includes a DTP2 twisted pair input that can receive signals from remote DTP and DTP2 transmitters mounted at a conference table, lectern or wall. The IN1804 DO, meanwhile, has a DTP2 twisted pair output that can send signals to a DTP or DTP2 receiver mounted behind a flat panel display, above a ceiling mounted projector, or in other remote locations.

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Crestron Add a Pair of New Keypads to Their List of Crestron Connected Devices

Turn, the Rotary Keypad by Tyba, is Now a  Crestron Connected  Device

Crestron, a world renowned manufacturer and supplier of smart control and home automation solutions, yesterday announced two new additions to their list of Crestron Connected Devices.

Through partnerships with companies Tyba and Vitrea, Crestron have announced that both the Turn rotary keypad and the VTouch Keypad Featuring Cresnet Connectivity are now official Crestron Connected Devices.

Crestron Connected Devices can easily be connected to any home network using standard Ethernet cable, and the addition of the Turn and VTouch keypads gives Crestron smart home system owners further stunning control options, according to Crestron.

Turn is an innovative rotary keypad line from Tyba, which boasts an uncluttered configurable interface, intuitive rotary control, and clean design. Able to add extra style and finesse to any residential space, the Turn rotary keypad will now perform just like any native Crestron control device.

The Vitrea VTouch keypad featuring Cresnet connectivity includes unique features such as LED light identification, multi-press configuration, and customisable glass panel designs.

Those are all delivered alongside a chic, modern design which sees blue LED light surround the keypad to make it easy to locate in the dark. The intensity of that LED light is fully adjustable and the Vitrea VTouch keypad is also available in either single or double gang models with between one and 16 keys.

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Crestron Introduce DM Lite Line of Signal Extenders

Crestron Introduces DM Lite, a New Ecosystem of Simple,  Low-Cost Signal Extenders

Crestron, a world leading innovator and manufacturer of enterprise and automation solutions, yesterday announced the introduction of their new DM Lite line of signal extenders. According to the company, the DM Lite line is a new ecosystem of simple, interchangeable signal extender products.

The new DM Lite line currently consists of ten products in total, comprising six transmitters and four receivers. The products can be mixed and matched as and how users require and, additionally, can also be paired with popular Crestron extenders which have HDMI connectivity (such as the HD-MD-400-C-E and the HD-MD-300-C-E).

The transmitters within the DM Lite line include a USB port to power multi-head or active cables, and both the transmitters and receivers are available with or without COM/IR/CEC pass-through. All of that, according to Crestron, means that the DM Lite products deliver a winning combination of low cost, high performance, flexible form factor, and wide selection.

The new products, too, are slated as being simple to deploy, being available in both 1-gang and standalone boxes and being ideal for basic point-to-point and small auto-switching applications. Given that, Crestron’s product manager for DigitalMedia, Aalap Patel, believes the DM Lite line is perfect for a range of different applications:

‘DM Lite products were designed to meet the need for inexpensive video extenders in small offices and conference rooms, as well as in classrooms…They’re perfect products for our dealers to keep in stock and roll out for quick installations.’

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Extron Now Shipping New 7” and 10” Room Scheduling Panels

Extron Now Shipping 7" and 10" Room Scheduling Panels

Extron Electronics, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of enterprise solutions, have in the past week announced the immediate availability of three new room scheduling panels. Named the TLS 725M, TLS 1022M and the TLS 1022T, the new 7” and 10” scheduling panels join the TLS 520M in Extron’s now expanded TouchLink Scheduling Panel range.

The family of newly available TouchLink Scheduling Panels are designed to help ease integration and provide customers with powerful, dedicated panels for all their meeting space reservation needs, according to Extron’s shipping announcement.

Each of the new TLS Panels come ready to be customised with free Room Agent software and can then connect directly to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google Calendar without the need for additional scheduling software or external processors.

The connectivity of the panels means that users can make reservations directly from them, from a computer, or from any smartphone or tablet that connects to a supported mail server. Bright red and green LED light bars on the panels, too, make it easy to see if a room is occupied or available even from down the hall.

Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, explained how he believes the new panels can help improve the day-to-day operations of any busy company:

‘These new TLS panels and our latest version of Room Agent software make it easier than ever to integrate room scheduling into your enterprise…You’ll have the convenience of touchpanel or smartphone reservations, room analytic information, and all of this without any annual subscription or maintenance fees.’

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