Extron Announce Pair of Exciting Collaboration Solution Updates

New Enhancements and Updates for Extron Control for Zoom Rooms

Extron Electronics, a world leading manufacturer of audio visual and conference room solutions, have in the past week announced not one but two exciting updates to their range of collaboration space products.

The first announcement from Extron was of the immediate availability of system enhancements and updates to Extron control for Zoom Rooms. Extron Control for Zoom Rooms gives users the ability to control all AV elements of a meeting room from either an Apple iPad or Extron Pro Series touchpanel.

The newly announced updates to Extron Control include improved GUI elements, contact presence information, content sharing, new camera controls, and much more.

Alongside the update to Extron Control for Zoom Rooms, the company have also announced that they are to work with tech giants Dolby. The collaboration will enable the Dolby Conference Phone to operate seamlessly with Extron’s Pro Series AV control solutions.

Extron to Provide Full-Featured AV Control with Dolby Conference Phone

That will extend Extron control capabilities to the Dolby Conference Phone, providing complete AV and conferencing control for the modern meeting space, according to the company’s announcement.

Speaking about the partnership with Dolby, Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, explained his excitement at the potential benefits of the collaboration:

‘We are very pleased to team up with Dolby to share innovative control and collaboration solutions…With this first collaborative effort, presenters will have the added convenience of full-featured room AV control while maintaining the powerful communications functions within the Dolby Conference Phone.’

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First Sonos & IKEA Symfonisk Smart Speakers to be Officially Unveiled Next Month

World leading smart speaker specialists Sonos and furniture giant IKEA first announced a joint venture to produce architectural smart speakers last year.

The first of the Symfonisk Smart Speakers that will be the result of the companies’ collaboration is to be officially unveiled for the first time next month (April).

That’s as per an announcement made last week by IKEA. The Swedish giant revealed that they would officially display their so-called ‘Bookshelf Speaker’ at an exhibit in Milan in April.

That seems to suggest that the original timeline for release of the Symfonisk Speakers remains unchanged. Sonos and IKEA had already spoken of plans to start selling them in the US and Europe this August.

IKEA’s announcement was accompanied by a teaser video which appeared to tease some details about the new speaker line.

The video suggests that the Bookshelf Speaker will in future be complemented by a wall mounted version. It also confirmed that the speakers in the SYMFONISK line will be compatible with Sonos’ existing wireless speakers and with IKEA’s Home Smart lights and switches, as well as its connected blinds.

Those connected blinds were recently delayed in their launch by IKEA. That was to allow for firmware updates which will make the blinds compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. It’s a fair bet, therefore, that the Symfonisk Speakers will also work with those voice assistants.

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New RTI Weatherproof Controller is Perfect for Pools and Hot Tubs

RTI Weatherproof Controller Designed to Keep Pools and Hot Tubs Relaxing

Remote Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of smart control and home automation solutions, are adding an innovative new line to their range of control solutions.

Named the RTI U3 Weatherproof Controller, the new remote is primarily designed to allow homeowners to control electronics in outdoor environments without having to interrupt their activities.

The U3 is engineered to reside in environments that are too harsh for standard remote control products like bathrooms, pools, and hot tubs. The primary feature that makes the remote suitable for such environments is its specially designed chassis.

That sealed chassis delivers when it comes to making the controller water and weather proof, and employs a combination of an interactive display and hard buttons that can be custom programmed.

RTI also point out that the new U3 Weatherproof Controller utilises inductive charging and wireless programming updates to support the sealed chassis. That eliminates the need to plug cables into the remote.

The company’s announcement of the new remote also highlighted the fact that it combines the power and convenience of its E-Ink display with a selection of hard-button keys. They claim that that serves to streamline device and system control.

Making the U3 absolutely ideal for outdoor environments, its display is also designed to be easy to read in bright light environments and can be customised through the use of companion design templates.

The RTI U3 Weatherproof Controller is set to be available from June 2019.

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URC Partner With HEOS and Yamaha to Bolster Whole Home Audio Range

URC Partners With Yamaha and HEOS to Expand Its Whole-House Audio Selection

URC, a leading manufacturer of smart control and home automation solutions, have in the past few days announced new agreements with Yamaha and HEOS.

The newly formed partnership with Yamaha means that URC now offer control drivers for Yamaha’s MusicCast whole-house audio platform. MusicCast is available in products throughout Yamaha’s product line, including A/V receivers, soundbars, dedicated multizone streamers, and even turntables.

All of those different products, therefore, can now be controlled using URC’s Total Control 2.0 series of control products. That MusicCast compatibility builds upon the already existing relationship between URC and Yamaha.

The new Yamaha Total Control 2.0 driver provides two-way control for MusicCast streaming services, including Pandora, Deezer, TIDAL and Internet radio. It can be used with a single Yamaha product or as part of a multi room audio setup.

By partnering with HEOS, URC are offering more than just control drivers for HEOS whole home audio solutions. URC dealers can now purchase HEOS solutions directly from URC, including products such as the HEOS Bar, HEOS Home Cinema, HEOS Drive, HEOS 7, HEOS 5, HEOS amp and HEOS Link.

The HEOS Total Control 2.0 module provides two-way communications with all HEOS products located on a local network. It also allows users to browse built-in HEOS music services and control the volume levels of HEOS components.

Lars Granoe, vice president of product development at URC, explained the company’s excitement at launching the module:

‘The rich Total Control 2.0 graphics paired with the overall speed and performance of the module are really impressing people, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring it to market.’

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Crestron Now Shipping New Rail Mountable Thermostat

Crestron’s New DIN-Rail HVAC Controls: Way Better than Thermostats Slapped on Plywood

Crestron, a world leader in smart control and home automation technology, have in the past few days announced that they are now shipping their new DIN-THSTAT DIN Rail Mountable thermostat.

In the same announcement, they also teased new Professional Installation Cabinets that perfectly pair with the DIN-THSTAT and which will be shipping soon.

According to the company, the new thermostat and cabinets can twin perfectly to allow system integrators to deliver clean professional, climate control installations to end users.

The DIN-THSTAT DIN Rail Mountable thermostat can be used with Crestron CHV-RTS, CHV-RTHS, or CHV-RSS temperature sensors. It provides a wide range of features and capabilities that would suit a variety of installations.

Those include 3-stage heating and cooling, support for three independent remote sensor inputs, a full colour LCD display for easy setup and diagnostics, and flexible Cresnet communications.

The thermostat is also compatible with a range of different types of installation. It can be installed in an equipment cabinet or on a wall. The cabinet can be flush or surface mounted.

Speaking of cabinets, Crestron’s upcoming new Professional Installation Cabinets will be available in three sizes and can contain up to 10 thermostats. Controls will be exposed for easy access and the provided service rail can be used for power supplies, Ethernet to Cresnet connectivity bridges, Cresnet wiring, and more.

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Sonos Roll Out Refreshed Second Generation Sonos One Speakers


Sonos, world leading manufacturers of wireless speakers and related audio solutions, announced last week the introduction of a new generation of their flagship Sonos One speaker.

Named the Sonos One Gen 2, the new version of the speaker has been tweaked by the company rather than fully reworked. From an aesthetic point of view and as far as audio features do, the Sonos One Gen 2 is exactly the same as its predecessor.

The differences are all internal. The new generation of the wireless speaker has a more powerful processor and boasts enhanced memory. That should mean that the speaker will perform slightly better, especially with big files on slow networks.

Sonos have also introduce Bluetooth Low Energy to the second generation of the Sonos One. They don’t plan to use it for the streaming of music, but it should make the pairing process with your Wi-Fi network much easier.

The expanded memory and processing power may become more important further down the road. They may well help prolong the device’s long-term support and guarantee more features and updates.

In the meantime, Sonos have already begun selling the Sonos One Gen 2 in the USA and it’s expected to soon roll out elsewhere. It is being sold at the same price point as the original Sonos One but those first generation devices are expected to be discounted as and when the new versions become available.

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