CAME BPT Introduce New MTM Modular Video-Entry Range

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Security and surveillance solution specialists, CAME BPT, have announced the availability of a new range of Modular Video-Panels. Named the MTM Range, the new entry panel solutions are described by the company as cutting edge entry panels with sleek, minimalist design features.

Able to accommodate up to 3,500 number codes and 6,500 proximity keys for controlling access points, CAME BPT claim that the MTM panels are suitable for small residential systems, large urban compounds and every type of premises in between.

MTM entry panels are made up of a number of diverse elements, namely their recess or surface mounted box, their electronic module, their front panel and their outer frame. Those elements provide endless combinations to match your needs, so you can customize details to suit different contexts, and, add new features, at any time.

Thanks to innovative CAME Connect technology, and through the XIP MOBILE App, users can also handle audio and video calls to their entry panel system, directly on any smartphone or tablet – wherever they may be. The MTM modules, what’s more, are compatible with all CAME BPT video entry systems, like the X1, IP360, XIP, GSM and 200 models.

Boasted a brushed aluminium finish, one of the final notable features of the MTM panels is their cutting-edge, HD resolution, video cameras, with HDR technology. Along with the Wide Eye lens, these provide a very broad vision with better yield of black and whites in highly contrasting light settings.

If you would like to discuss your requirements for CAME BPT security solutions please call us on 0800 195 4825.


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