Came BPT Unveil XTS Touchscreen Monitor

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Came BPT, global specialists in network security and entry systems, have in the past few weeks unveiled their impressive XTS Touchscreen Monitor.

Described by the company as being inspired by their desire to produce the highest quality video entry product available, the XTS Touchscreen Monitor incorporates the latest cutting edge video touch screen technology.

That technology includes a range of impressive and useful software features. The monitor, for instance, has the capability of recording audio and video during a call and can also be used to record a video voicemail message.

For added security and peace of mind, the XTS is also able to be integrated into a wider CCTV system, whilst for extra ease and convenience it can be set to allow automation door opening when desired.

The top of the range Touchscreen Monitor, what’s more, is equipped with a powerful concierge messaging system. That system allows text notifications to be sent to individual residents or to groups of residents if the monitor is installed at the entrance of a multiple occupancy building.

Finally, each XTS Touchscreen Monitor is also equipped with a WiFi card, which with some simple configuration allows it to be connected to the internet. That enables users to operate the monitor via their smartphone and also to receive calls from the monitor through a mobile device.

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