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The critically acclaimed Sim 2 Lumis 3D-S projector is perhaps the finest 3D projector we have witnessed for the consumer market. As an authorised dealer of the entire Sim2 projector range buy your Lumis 3D-S from Couture Digital for certified dealer installation and setup. High end projectors like the Sim 2 Lumis 3D-S need professional calibration to ensure it is performing at its optimum level. The Sim2 Lumis 3D-S needs to be witnessed to be full appreciated, contact us today to arrange a private demonstration or to start planning how to get the most out of this reference level projector.


“The best 3D projector we’ve seen; one of the most desirable display devices ever. 5 Stars. What HiFi? Sound and Vision Magazine – UK Read Full Review

“It is far and away the finest 3D display I’ve seen” Home Cinema Choice – UK

“The Lumis achieved easily the highest score ever awarded by us. Excellent” HD TV – Germany

“Excellent! Reference class award Heinkino Magazine, Germany

Perfect for 3D. Reference Video QualityAF Digitale Magazine, Italy

“In terms of its aesthetics, picture quality with both 2D and 3D, and its ability to work with standard screens, the 3D Solo may force it’s competitors back to their collective drawing boards. Sim2 has struck a nice performance balance of merging the best of traditional 2D and active 3D into a step up – perhaps flagship – product for dealersCE Pro Magazine – USA


The Sim2 Lumis  3D-S in detail

The LUMIS 3D-S is an high-end compact 3-chip DLP® home theater 3D single unit projector, the first and only on the HT market which utilizes Triple Flash Technology, the same technology chosen by best cinema theaters to produce natural and fatigue-less images . Designed for use with large screen sizes (up to 5m – 16.5 ft wide).

The LUMIS projector achieves extraordinary picture quality through the partnership of the latest 0,95″ 1080p DC4 DLP® chipset from Texas Instruments and of the precision optics of SIM2’s ALPHAPATH™ light engine. No other projector technology can match the superb color depth, exceptional brightness (up to 3000 ANSI Lumens) and excellent contrast ratio that the LUMIS 3D-S is able to deliver.

No longer does high performances demand that an industrial-sized projector and rack of pre-processing boxes are used to produce true videophile images, the LUMIS 3D-S achieves this and more from its compact, elegant form factor.

There are several reasons that makes Lumis’ active 3D a leading performance solution:

  • a DLP engine, that SIM2 has learnt to master with authority, is the ideal technology for active 3D reproduction thanks to a very fast and precise light switching.
  • SIM2 Lumis 3DS features the exclusive triple flash technology, six times faster than the 24fps movie standard. Currently triple flash is only used in commercial theatres (and DCi group professiona projectors), and only on DLP projectors because it is the answer to most of the usual complains about 3D vision: flicker, vision fatigue and ghosting. Lumis 3D images are displayed at 144 fps, 72 fps per eye, resulting in extreme smoothness and visual pleasure.
  • SIM2 Lumis is the brightest Pro-Sumer 3D projection system available to date, providing enough light to brilliantly compensate another typical drawback: the luminance loss of every 3D technology.
  • Our High quality active glasses have been carefully optimized for the fast and precise Lumis system image switching and timing. The combination of such qualities along with our DLP system switching speed is a key factor for the resulting sharp and pleasant image

Lumis 3DS is not only able to emulate the best 3D cinema projection systems, in terms of color fidelity, definition and depth of image, but is designed for use in Reference Home Cinemas, Media Rooms and Family/Games Rooms – in both 2D and 3D. SIM2’s engineers have designed the LUMIS 3D-S with three user modes, each optimized for the various demands of movie, sports and 3D viewing:

  • PureMovie (2D): allowing a pure and unprocessed presentation of the signal coming from your source: all but the most basic circuitry are bypassed in order to avoid any chance of interferences. Audiophiles have been long aware that even the best signal treatment is sometimes in the way of a true life-like experience, SIM2 PureMovie mode lets you fully appreciate the 1080p image coming from a high-quality source, allowing at the same time the highest degree of control over your system.
  • PureMotion (2D): mode has been specifically created for fast-motion video material, resulting in smooth motion, free from ‘smear’ or ‘judder’ affecting the image. PureMotion mode is particularly suited to fast-action sports viewing and, together with legendary Lumis color fidelity and image brightness, will trick you into believing you’re just a few meters away from the playing field
  • PureMotion 3D: is SIM2 implementation of the next level in reality reproduction: 3D video visualization. PureMotion includes the state-of-the-art of 3D technologies -like the Triple Flash- in order to minimize all the drawbacks that, until now, have made this experience far from perfect.

LUMIS 3D-S is a projector that has the ability to be fine-tuned to its surroundings, whether in the ambient light of a family room or in the light-controlled environment of a Reference Theater, it delivers outstanding images on-screen. Calibration, the art of precisely tuning a projector to a home theater system, is a vital part of the installation process, as it greatly influences the quality of the final image, and the capability to do so is an important feature of the LUMIS 3D-S. Fine adjustments for all image parameters are available on this projector.

To make the calibration easier, more precise and faster than ever SIM2 is now providing the new Calibration Software Suite 2.0. SIM2’s advanced Live Colors Calibration software 2.0 enables complete adjustment of the primary, secondary and white point color coordinates of the projector. The image can be further optimized by using one of the four sets of gamma curves available. These can be used to correct for variations in the source material, differing levels of ambient lighting, or simply to allow for individual viewing preferences.

For ease of installation, a choice of three high quality glass lenses (T1, T2 & T3) is available for the LUMIS 3D-S, giving the projector a total throw ratio of 1.37-3.90:1

While supporting all HDMI 1.4a specifications and mandatory format (plus many more), the new Lumis 3DS electronics also features the InstaPort™ technology, that drastically reduces the time required for HDMI source switching.

Every time a new HDMI source is selected, the visualization device and the source device must perform an HDCP authorization check. Usually, such HDMI handshake begins only when a source is selected, requiring a significant amount of time for the image to appear.

InstaPort allows a simultaneous pre-authentication of every hooked device at the same it is connected. When a new input source is selected by the user, the handshaking has already been performed and the data stream doesn’t suffer the corresponding delay.

The ability to visualize extraordinary 3D images that totally involves the spectator in the movie experience, make the LUMIS 3D-S a unique product. In a continuosly evolving market, where new technologies emerge on a day-to-day basis, SIM2 has designed a projector without compromises. A projector that will face all future innovations head high, without becoming outdated.

The LUMIS 3D-S is available in SIM2’s classic High-Gloss Gun Metal finish or in White, Black or Red color case options that feature an intriguing combination of two different tone-textures: an elegant matte accent coupled with a glamorous gloss finish, to create an aesthetic that demands attention.