Control 4 Deliver High Resolution Audio and Homeowner Personalisation Improvements

Control4 - OS 2.10.4 - Streaming Services on Mobile (Photo: Business Wire)

Control 4, a world renowned smart control and home automation company, have recently announced the release of their latest Control4 OS, version 2.10.4, which is set to deliver improvements in the areas of high resolution audio and homeowner personalisation.

Those improvements are delivered via the expansion of music streaming and hands-on personalisation choices for homeowners with new native streaming services and When >> Then features.

Control 4’s already extensive range of supported music streaming services has been supplemented via this latest update by both Amazon Music and Deezer HiFi. What’s more, a new ‘add music’ capability allows Control 4 homeowners to add one or more music services directly from a mobile device or Control4 Touch Screen.

Away from audio streaming, Control 4 OS 2.10.4 also introduces new When >> Then enhancements. Control4 When >> Then capability empowers homeowners to adjust certain functionality of their smart home systems independently.

The New When >> Then enhancements include the ability to create and edit voice scenes for Amazon Alexa, create custom buttons and programming for Control4’s recently introduced Intercom Anywhere, and modify schedules for lighting scenes.

Speaking in light of the company’s new OS release, Control 4 CEO Martin Plaehn explained the thinking behind the new, expanded When >> Then capability:

‘Homeowners depend on the expertise of our Dealers to design and install reliable, experientially-rich smart homes, but homeowners also want the flexibility to personalize [sic] and change scenes and automated events on their own… We’re empowering homeowners to fine-tune their Control4 experience in ways that matter most to them.’

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