Control 4 Introduce New User Controls for Smart Home Systems

Control4 Adds If/Then Engine to Home Automation, Lets End Users Tweak System

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of home automation technology, Control 4 continually introduce new innovations in the field to improve the experience of end users. One of their latest such innovations are new user controls offering homeowners greater control over their own smart home setups.

Announced at the recent CEDIA 2017 trade show, the new user controls from Control 4 work with the company’s 4Sight subscription service. They allow homeowners to use a web interface on a PC or mobile device, in order to create and edit their own automations by way of a new rules engine called ‘When >> Then’.

Similar to a recognisable ‘If This, Then That (IFTT)’ system, ‘When >> Then’ can integrate with more than 10,000 Control 4 products and devices, and allows users to create their own rules for how those devices operate within their home.

The rules are created by first choosing the ‘When’, which can be a specific time of day or a sensor detecting motion amongst other inputs, and then the ‘Then’ which dictates what should happen in response to that input.

According to Control 4, the new controls have been introduced in response to continued requests from users and offer the distinct benefit of greater independence and control for those users:

‘One of the hesitations they [homeowners] have around professionally installed home automation is giving up control…This puts them back in control.’

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