Control 4 Release New CA-1 Automation Controller

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Control 4, a world leading provider of home automation and smart control solutions, have in the past few days announced the release of their new CA-1 Automation Controller. According to the company the new CA-1 Controller enables Control4 Dealers to provide an orchestrated smart home experience for homeowners interested in lighting, temperature control, and security.

Tailored specifically for smart homes which do want to incorporate any or all of those elements into their automation system, the CA-1 Automation Controller includes Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Serial communication, leveraging the large Control 4 database of thousands of 3rd party devices to ensure easy integration and interoperability.

An optional Z-Wave Module, which is also now available from Control 4, can then extend the compatibility of the CA-1 Automation Controller to a selected set of Z-Wave control devices including door, window, water, flood, and temperature sensors, electrical outlets and dimmer outlet modules.

Expanding Control 4’s already extensive controller range, the new CA-1 provides a complement to the entertainment-focused EA Series controller line from the company, and comes in white for discrete wall, closet, and shelving installations.

According to the company’s CEO, Martin Plaehn, the new CA-1 Automation Controller fulfils a very apparent need:

‘The emerging range of smart locks, thermostats, lights, and cameras available today have certainly raised consumer awareness for the promise of the smart connected home…Our new CA-1 and industry-leading Control4 OS delivers that needed capability and customer experience – orchestrating all of the smart devices in a home.’

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