Control 4 and Skydrop Integrate to Bring Sprinkler Automation to Connected Homes

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A new and improved integration between smart control and home automation specialists, Control 4, and global leaders in smart watering technology, Skydrop, has just been announced. Slated as bringing sprinkler automation within the bounds of smart, connected homes, the integration represents two popular and successful companies joining forces.

Skydrop’s notable partnership with Control 4 began with the full integration of the Skydrop driver and the recent upgrade sees the company unify its user interface in existing and future Control 4 controlled connected homes. Thanks to the integration of the two companies’ technology and products, Control 4 smart home owners will now have even more automation options open to them.

Those additional options include the ability to instantly access all aspects of the Skydrop smart sprinkler through Control4 T3 Touch Screens, to adjust water schedules based on restrictions or other circumstances and to arrange automatic watering for if and when they’re away from home.

Unsurprisingly, Skydrop were delighted to announce the improved integration and their CEO Brandon Kennedy was enthusiastic in his explanation of what it meant to twin with Control 4:

‘Skydrop is excited to be a partner with Control4, a long-standing leader in home automation and smart home systems, to bring proven long-term value and savings to Control4 customers. Control4 helps customers live a connected lifestyle, now expanded with the addition of Skydrop, to help customers save a significant amount of water, money and time.’

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