Control4 Acquire Remote Management Services Provider Ihiji

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Control4, a leading global provider of smart control and home automation solutions, have in the past few days announced their acquisition of remote management services Provider Ihiji. According to Control4, the acquisition ensures that they can deliver the home automation industry’s most robust management services platform for the connected home.

The acquisition of Ihiji means that Control4 can now combine two of the leading network and device management solutions, in the shape of their own BakPak solution and Ihiji’s Invision. That means that Control4 integrators will henceforth be able to deliver powerful device management and monitoring capability to owners of Control4 connected homes.

How the new collaboration may work out in practice was explained by Control4’s CEO, Martin Plaehn:

‘Control4 can provide a set of unified cloud-based services to our dealers to securely and efficiently monitor end-customer systems. Dealers will receive alerts when performance concerns are detected; they can then remotely identify the root cause and initiate resolution actions, all without being on-premises. This will improve homeowner satisfaction through prompt and pre-emptive service, in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.’

A joint Control4 and Ihiji team is already developing the aforementioned unified cloud-based solution, according to Control4’s announcement, and it will be made available in phases to all Control4 and Ihiji dealers and their end-customers later in the year. The new solution will also deliver a comprehensive view of every home and customer to enable dealers to monitor, assess, remediate, and track performance concerns associated with their customers’ homes.

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