Crestron Announce Expansion to Shading Solutions Line

Crestron Adds Horizontal Sheers to Shading Solutions Lineup

Crestron, a leading light in the world of home automation and smart control, have in the past week announced that they are adding new horizontal sheers to their range of shading solutions. Now shipping from Crestron, the new horizontal shades are designed to help homeowners to blend natural light into their living spaces.

According to Crestron’s announcement, the newly available horizontal sheers are able to ‘add flexible natural lighting control to any room or space’. They are able to do so thanks to construction that utilises specialised material comprised of horizontal fabric vanes which float between two layers of soft, knitted fabric to soften the view to the outside.

Able to suit a range of different homes and properties, the new Crestron horizontal sheer shading solutions are available in sizes up to 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall and can all tilt open, closed, or fully roll up to provide an unobstructed view. The translucent, light filtering fabrics are also on offer in 25 different colours or patterns, whilst 11 versions of varying opaque materials are also available.

Just like Crestron’s existing shading solutions, the new horizontal sheers utilise the company’s patented Crestron Digital QMT Shade Motor to deliver silent yet robust operation, and are compatible with all QMT 3 Series Architectural Shade motor Hardware options. Non-motorised options are also available via Crestron’s manually operated beaded pull chain, which can be installed along with the new horizontal sheer shades.

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