Crestron Announce New Partnership with Google Assistant

Crestron Partners with Google Assistant to Deliver Intuitive Voice Control of Custom Home Automation

Crestron, a world leading manufacturer and provider of smart control and home automation solutions, have in the past few days announced that they have partnered with Google Assistant to deliver intuitive voice control of custom home automation.

The partnership means that Crestron operated smart homes can now be easily integrated with the popular Google Assistant to activate Crestron lighting controls using simple speech commands. What’s more, the two companies are already working on a second stage of integration, which will enable voice control of complete Crestron home automation systems, including the one-of-a-kind custom scenes only Crestron can provide.

Thanks to the lighting control integration which has already been announced, meanwhile, homeowners are able to use voice commands to create the perfect lighting for any occasion, according to Crestron. The integration allows simple voice controls to trigger the dimming of lights to set a mood, the turning off of lights around the house at bedtime and many other practical day-to-day tasks.

An exciting announcement to be sure, Crestron’s vice president of residential systems John Clancy explained how the lighting control integration is just the first step toward further voice control:

‘Lighting control is an exciting first step in the Crestron + Google Assistant partnership, but it’s just the beginning…Homeowners will ultimately have the ability to use voice commands with Google Assistant to control all of their world-class Crestron technology, including lights, shades, AV, HVAC, security and much more.’

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