Crestron Announce Product Roadmap for 2018

Crestron, a world leading manufacturer of smart control and home automation solutions, have recently revealed new residential product plans for the rest of 2017 and the spring of 2018.

The new product announcements from Crestron came at the company’s recent Crestron Technology Partners (CTP) Summits held in three locations across the U.S, and included plans for new motorized shades, two remote controls, multiple keypads, Pyng video control, DM 4K video distribution with HDR, and new solutions for delivering A/V over IP.

The new shading solutions featured amongst Crestron’s plans for early 2018 included so-called Horizontal Sheers, which are two-position, motorized shades that provide feedback to a Crestron control system to let the homeowner know the current position of shades. The shades have the ability to either darken rooms or to diffuse light in rooms where there may not be enough space for two separate rollers and are expected to begin shipping in January.

Crestron’s new home automation remote controls for 2018 form the 310 Series and comprise the HR 310 button-only remote and the TSR-310 touchscreen remote. The HR 310 is described as ‘a slick-looking, high-end remote with nine customisable buttons’ and is expected to start shipping before the end of the year. The TSR-310, meanwhile, boasts a three inch touchscreen with a pixel density almost twice what Crestron has in its current touchscreen remote and is due in spring 2018.

One of the most notable of Crestron’s other announcements is the fact that their Pyng Control System will soon be able to control video. According to Crestron’s vice president of residential, John Clancy, ‘Pyng Video will support TVs, video sources, A/V receivers, RS-232 and IR, as well as DM, NDM, NVX, and deliver a consistent user experience for the entire home’.

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