Crestron Debut Their New AirBoard Whiteboard Technology

New Crestron AirBoard™ Displays Whiteboard Content on Any Display; Saves and Sends to Meeting Participants

Crestron, a world leader in smart control, automation and enterprise solutions, utilised the recent Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018 tech show to debut their brand new AirBoard PoE electronic whiteboard technology.

According to Crestron, AirBoard is ‘the only enterprise-grade appliance that provides ideal viewing of whiteboard annotation from every seat in the room, or for remote conferencing participants’.

The way in which AirBoard solves the problem of meeting participants – particularly those taking part remotely – not being able to see whiteboard content is by enabling the viewing of electronic whiteboard content on any display device.

Essentially a camera on an arm, Crestron AirBoard attaches to any electronic whiteboard via its included mounting kit and with PoE it provides video, communication, and power via the use of one single Ethernet cable.

Once Crestron AirBoard is mounted, annotations made on an electronic whiteboard can be saved and then posted, emailed, or texted to either a central web page or to invited participants of the meeting.

Remote conferencing participants can then also access the whiteboard session much like they would connect to Crestron AirMedia, by entering the URL (or friendly name) shown on the room display in their web browser. By entering a PIN or access code, they will then be able to view the whiteboard content on their chosen device.

Crestron AirBoard, therefore, ably solves one of the main issues associated with meetings and conferences, as explained by Crestron director of enterprise technology Dan Jackson:

‘Now, with Crestron AirBoard, the centre room display or projector screen can show the whiteboard so everyone can easily see it. Plus remote participants can actually see when someone writes on the whiteboard without holding up a phone or laptop camera.’

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