Crestron Debut AirMedia 2.0 Wireless Presentation Technology

Crestron Debuts AirMedia® 2.0 Wireless Presentation Technology

One of a whole raft of new updates and solutions which were introduced at last week’s Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018 tech show was the second generation AirMedia presentation technology unveiled by enterprise solutions and automation specialists, Crestron.

Demonstrated for the first time at the show in Amsterdam, AirMedia 2.0 is slated by Crestron as delivering ‘the fastest, easiest, most manageable, and secure wireless presentation solution’.

Built into popular Crestron presentation solutions, including the relatively new Crestron Mercury, AirMedia 2.0 frees people to sit or stand anywhere in the room or space and easily connect their smart devices and laptops to the room display, regardless of operating system.

Whilst there are other similar solutions which provide participants in meetings with a wireless access point, those solutions leave confidential content exposed to potential security breaches. AirMedia 2.0, on the other hand, is a network-based wireless presentation technology that leverages the latest security protocols including 802.1x network access control; Active Directory user authentication; AES-128 content encryption; SSH, SSL, TLS, and HTTPS.

To further improve the security of an AirMedia 2.0 presentation system, what’s more, the technology automatically disconnects devices from the wireless gateway when they leave the area in order to prevent the information being still visible on a display to anyone else who enters.

It is little surprise, therefore, that Crestron’s CEO Fred Bargetzi is bullish when talking about the new presentation technology:

‘AirMedia 2.0 is the only enterprise-grade wireless presentation solution out there. It supports standard network security protocols and has the lowest latency and bandwidth…It supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android mirroring without Bonjour, and it can be deployed and managed from the cloud with Crestron XiO Cloud.’

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