Crestron Installation

A system is only as good as the person who installed it so it is paramount that the people responsible for this crucial part of a project are properly trained, understand the system they are installing, and that the quality of their work is checked regularly.


Our installation staff are trained by Crestron at their UK headquarters in Surrey. Senior engineers attend a system design course as well which gives them the ability to fully understand what the system is doing and better solve problems that they might run into during installation.

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Crestron UK’s Headquarters

Following the Design Documentation

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Crestron System Schematic

All engineers are trained in how to interpret the various system design documents which are produced during design phase. This ensures that no-matter how the resources are split between various tasks that the engineer carrying them out can work independently without assistance from a more senior engineer.

Care and Attention

The most important aspect of on-site work. The greatest care and attention is paid to both the working environment (our customers home or property) and the task at hand. Measurements are taken twice before cutting, documentation checked and checked again before a wire is cut or a device is powered up. Naturally working quickly and efficiently is important but so is attention to detail. The senior engineer always checks the work before sign off.

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Neat and tidy cable termination

Cable Management

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Cable Management

Good cable management is crucial during installation. Our systems can require thousands of meters of cable and if these cables are not tidily grouped together, carefully labelled and neatly terminated then it can cause delays when there is a technical problem. From the very beginning of training our engineers are taught the principles of cable management and their work regularly scrutinised.

Equipment Racks

Most Crestron components are designed to be installed into a standard 19″ enclosure. Our designers supply our engineers with drawings to show them where each device should be placed in the rack to ensure the best airflow and distribution of heat.

Engineers use their cable management skills to ensure that cables are run neatly in groups and mains power is kept away from sensitive AV and control cables.

All power leads are labelled to make it easy for problematic devices to be powered down during troubleshooting and repair.

The aim is make sure that once installed it is relatively easy for another engineer to see how the rack is wired and remove/replace or upgrade devices in the future without fear of damaging something.

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Equipment Rack Rear


If you would like to discuss a Crestron installation for your home or business please contact us on 0800 194 4825