Crestron and Panopto Announce New Strategic Partnership

Hot on the heels of expanding their existing partnership with Amazon, world leaders in automation and smart control technology Crestron have announced a new strategic partnership with Panopto. Panopto are a world renowned name in video platforms for higher education and business, and the new partnership is aimed at simplifying lecture capture and presentation recording.

According to the companies’ announcement, their collaboration represents the integration of ‘Crestron’s best-of-breed control system with Panopto’s video content management system, providing organisations with a one-click solution for capturing on-demand lectures and presentations’.

Organisations who do take advantage of the new Crestron-Panopto integration will be afforded a whole host of new capabilities. These include the aforementioned one-touch recording of lectures, presentations or other group meetings, as well as the ability to check microphone levels and camera positioning in order to ensure that such activities go as smoothly as possible.

The new collaboration, too, will mean that end users can automatic upload video to Panopto’s secure video content management system (VCMS), have access to video processing to ensure that such material can be viewed on any and all devices, and are able to perform in-video searches to find and fast forward to specific words spoken during a recording.

Potentially invaluable to higher education institutions and commercial organisations, the new Crestron-Panopto integration was spoken of in glowing terms by Crestron’s director of education programs, Roger Takacs;

‘Classroom recording used to require more complex integration to seamlessly record, control, process and view the content…With Crestron and Panopto we have dramatically simplified the tools to widely deploy classroom recording technologies to fulfil the needs of modern educational institutions.’

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