Crestron Now Shipping New Handheld Remotes

Crestron Introduces Its Most Elegantly Designed and  Advanced Handheld Remotes

Crestron, a world leading innovator and manufacturer of smart control and home automation solutions, have in the past few days announced that they are now shipping two new handheld remotes. Named the HR-310 Handheld Remote and the TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote, Crestron describe the remotes as their most advanced and most elegantly designed ever.

According to Crestron, the new generation of handheld remotes all the best elements of the previous generation of Crestron remotes with even more advanced functionality and superb ergonomic design. What gives the new remoted that advanced functionality is a raft of new and innovative features.

The HR-310, for instance, boasts backlit tactile buttons; long battery life utilizing standard AAA batteries; nine custom engravable buttons to display the most frequently used functions; and ultra-reliable Crestron infiNET EX wireless gateway.

The TSR-310, meanwhile, includes a three inch touch screen display, a rechargeable battery that lasts 3 – 4 days between charges; incredible processing power; Wi-Fi® connectivity for high-bandwidth communications; voice control; and an elegant, discreet charging station.

Designed to introduce an extra element of luxury to home automation and smart control, the new remotes are a real step up on previous models, at least according to Crestron’s director of residential technology Doug Jacobson:

‘Our previous generation of HR and TSR handheld remotes was ergonomically designed and ultra-reliable, but we felt we could do even better… The HR-310 and TSR-310 are Crestron handheld remotes reimagined.’

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