Crestron Now Shipping New SSW Room Availability Hallway Sign

Global leaders is smart control and automation solutions, Crestron, have this week announced that they are now shipping their newest innovation in the world of meeting room booking. Named the SSW Room Availability Hallway Sign, the new product does very much what it says on the tin, in illuminating bright green to indicate an available room, and red to indicate an occupied room.

Designed to make finding and utilising a free meeting room quicker and easier within any commercial environment which features Crestron technology, the SSW sign is perfectly visible from up to 50 feet away and yet highly energy efficient, utilising less than 2 watts, according to the company.

According to Eric Johnson, the technology manager of integration solutions at Crestron, the SSW sign represents an innovation which delivers an important solution to a real world problem:

‘The SSW is the ideal way to provide long-range visibility to rooms and room availability. With so many more spaces in offices today, this is an effective, simple solution to a big problem.’

In order to utilise the new hallway sign, Crestron enabled enterprises need simply connect the SSW to a Crestron TSW x60 Series touch screen via the included 15′ USB cable for a programming-free solution with instant out of the box functionality. Alternatively, however, the SSW can also be connected to a Crestron control system up to 3,000 feet away via Cresnet cable.

For added personalisation and aesthetic appeal, too, the sign is able to be engraved with a name or other text of the end user’s choice which will light up clearly and attractively when the sign is illuminated.

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