Certified Crestron System Design

What is Crestron System Design?

Crestron System DesignCrestron system design is ultimately a process of taking our client’s desired overall experience (features & functionality), and translating that into a list of integrated components that form an effective system.

Achieving this requires both creative and technical planning  as there are many ways to design a Crestron system. How it is put together will determine how efficient, robust, futureproof, flexible and good value the system is. Two very different systems could deliver the requirements in a brief but one maybe overspecified, inefficient and expensive.

Our clients choose Couture Digital to design their Crestron systems because of our expert knowledge in the broad range of Crestron solutions and technology. And also, because of our extensive Crestron project experience, our designers understand how our clients want to use and live with their Crestron systems to get the most out of them.

Crestron Technical Documentation

Crestron SchematicUsing an Audio Visual system as an example, a professional system design includes a schematic which shows every device starting from the source equipment in the central equipment rack through to the display, speaker or user interface in the room at the other end.

It should take into account the power requirements of all the devices in the system and the available inputs and outputs for audio, video and control. It should also show the kind of cables required between the devices and the kind of termination they need at each end.

A more complete set of technical documentation would include a marked up set of floor plans with each device from the schematic positioned where it needs to be installed.

This would also be accompanied by a number of “schedules”:

  • A cable schedule will list each cable in the system one at a time, it will list where it begins and ends, what specification of cable it should be as well as what colour is is and how it should be labelled once installed.
  • A switching schedule will list each input on an audio or video matrix and will show what is connected at both sides.
  • For lighting systems a dimming schedule will show each circuit in the system along with the type of light fittings that are to be controlled, their quantity, the circuit load and the desired dimming levels for that circuit for each lighting scene.

Crestron System Design as a Service

Crestron FloorplanCrestron System design and technical documentation are provided as part of our full service when we deliver systems from start to finish.

We also provide system design-only services to architects, consultants and developers.

Our design and documentation may then be used to form part of a brief that other installers bid for.

What does a Crestron system comprise of?

There are many ways to design a Crestron system but generally speaking, a Crestron system will be made up of one or more Processors in a centralised equipment rack which are connected to all of the sub-systems in the house.

Sub-systems could be multi-room audio / video, lighting, heating and ventilation to name a few.

The processor/s are connected to these sub-systems in a number of ways. From simple relays which tell a device to turn on or off, IR control of a satellite box (where the processor mimics the remote control that came with the box) or RS232 which is a more robust hard-wired method which usually offers more control options. As well as these traditional methods many devices today can be controlled by IP (over a computer network) this can mean that we need smaller or fewer Crestron processors which saves customers money. Crestron’s latest processor, the MC-3 is far smaller than it’s predecessors and has fewer of the traditional outputs such as IR and RS232 as it features a network port and was intended for use with IP controllable devices.

The Crestron processor is also connected to a separate network “Cresnet” which is where all the Crestron user interfaces are located. Keypads and touch-screens in the walls will be connected to this and will be able to communicate with the processor/s in order to tell them which devices to control.

The system described above is a basic one for illustrative purposes. Crestron has thousands of products and offers some of the best multi-room audio/video, amplification, audio/video switching, and lighting equipment on the market so it is possible and the preference of many of our clients to specify a Crestron system which does everything from beginning to end.

Crestron Featured Components

Below are some of the Crestron components which often feature in our system designs.


CP2E 2-Series Processor

MC3 3-series Processor

Digital Media

DM-6X6 6 input/6 output Digital Media Matrix

DM-16X16 16 input/16 output Digital Media Matrix

DM-RMC-100-C Digital Media Room Controller

Sonnex Multi Room Audio




Crestron Lighting & Automation

PAC2M Automation Processor

DIN-AP2 Din-Rail Automation Processor

CLX-1DIM4 Lighting Dimmer

CLX-1MC4 Motor Control

Climate Control

C2N-RTHS Temperature and humidity sensor

DIN-8SW8 8 output switching controller

DIN-AO8 8 output analogue output controller

In-Wall Touch Panels & Keypads





Wireless Touch Panels & Remote Controls