Discreet Home Cinema

For 007 wow-factor and undisrupted Feng Shui; this cinematic experience appears at the touch of a button.

In-ceiling Projector Lift - Discreet Home Cinema Installations

A Discreet Home Cinema is as dramatic as the films shown on the projector screen, select ‘movie mode’ on the remote control and see the electric projector screen descend into position. The projector drops from a ceiling lift, powers on and shines razor sharp High Definition video. AV equipment simultaneously come to life and thunderous Dolby HD surround sound fills the room from seemingly invisible cinema speakers.

One button press fully transforms your living space into a substantial Home Cinema and provides the most captivating experience without a dedicated space. And as with all Couture Digital systems, your scheme would be tailored to your exact requirements.

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Professional Design, Installation, Programming

Couture Digital offers a comprehensive service of system design, supply, installation and programming. We can take a bare, empty space and return it as a completed cinema or we can work with other contractors to turn your ideas into reality. The system design is our sole responsiblity although we work closely with architects, interior and lighting designers to ensure the scheme is holistically successful. System installation and programming is then completed efficiently by our engineers with close liason with other project contractors if existent.

How much our design, installation and programming service will cost will depend on the sophistication of the system and the complexity of the installation. Our charges are calculated on how much time the project should take and this is agreed at the beginning of the commission as a fixed cost to assist your budgeting purposes.

Wiring & Infrastructure

All Couture Digital commissions include a future proof wiring infrastructure. Our designs incorporate the best practices for getting high bandwidth audio, video, and control signals distributed around your property now and in the future. Couture Digital can design the wiring & infrastructure, supply the cables, fixtures and system electronics such as distribution amplifiers, and install or instruct the pulling of cable. The cost of wiring & infrastructure depends on the size of the system, the property it is going into, and the complexity of the installation whether that be a retrofit / renovation / new build project.

Room Acoustic Treatment

For any sound system, room acoustics is one of the biggest factors affecting sonic performance. Calculated acoustic treatment is necessary to:
i.) ensure the best sonic performance achievable from the sound system
ii.) prevent external sound entering into the cinema room
iii.) prevent sound escaping the cinema room

Couture Digital can design the acoustic treatment scheme, supply the specialist acoustic materials, and build or instruct the construction of the scheme. How much acoustic treatment is needed for a cinema is dependant on the size and dimensions of the space, the interior furnishings, the sound system, the building materials, and the performance / sound proofing required.

Cinema Seating

We offer over 30 styles of electric reclinable cinema loungers all available in a wide choice of finishes, configurations, accessories and customisation. From single cinema loungers to curved rows of seating in staggered heights, Couture Digital can advise on the most optimal layout, and offer the widest selection of cinema seating.

Seating prices range from £1000 / seat – £5000 per seat

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