DTS Virtual:X Technology Now Offered By a Select Range of Denon AV Receivers

World renowned audio visual solution manufacturers, Denon, and digital surround sound specialists, DTS, have in the past week announced that a select range of Denon AV receivers are now eligible to receive a free-of-charge DTS Virtual:X firmware update. That update means that the AV receivers will now be able to provide homeowners with rich and immersive object based (or 3D) surround sound.

Such surround sound is an awesome addition to any home cinema setup, as it allows sound to come from above or below you, instead of just to your left or right or in front of or behind you. Conventional wisdom has been that 3D surround sound is only possible with a great many speakers arranged as part of the home theatre arrangement, but the announcement from Denon and DTS changes that.

DTS Virtual:X technology utilises  audio processing software to reproduce the sound of many speakers using only a few. Whilst AV receivers are of course designed to be used with multiple speakers, DTS claim that the technology will make a huge difference to the many homeowners who do not connect either their height or their surround speakers to their receivers.

The firmware update which allows the receivers to offer the DTS Virtual:X technology is now available for Denon’s  AVR-S730H, AVR-S930H, AVR-X1400H, AVR-X2400H, and AVR-X3400H receivers. It is expected to be expanded to a wider range of the company’s AV receivers, too, in January 2018.

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