Extron Introduce New AV System Management Software

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Extron Electronics, a market leading producer of audio visual solutions, have in the past week announced the launch of brand new AV system management software. Named GlobalViewer Enterprise – GVE version 2.7, the new software is designed to simplify AV system resource management with intuitive control for hundreds of common AV tasks.

Extron claim that whether an AV system comprises five rooms or 500, their new GlobalViewer Enterprise software provides a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network. What’s more, the powerful nature of the software is twinned with impressive agility to access usage data, create reports, and control systems from any computer on the network.

There are a great many features of the software which help it to deliver those impressive benefits, and those include support for the Extron RoomAware Outlook Add-in to automate conference room functions for scheduled meetings. Additionally, the new 2.7 version of the software also includes compatibility with additional facility calendars such as Microsoft® Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Office 365.

Given that array of interesting and potentially beneficial features, it’s not surprising that Extron vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, is bullish about the utility of the new software:

‘GlobalViewer Enterprise is used in thousands of rooms worldwide, helping technicians automate tasks, and providing help desk personnel with powerful AV monitoring and reporting tools…This new version of GVE adds enhanced analytics, support for the RoomAware Outlook Add-in to automate conference room functions, as well as a host of other new features that streamline resource management and room automation.’

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