Extron Introduce New Compact Modular 4K Videowall Processor

Extron Introduces Compact Modular 4K Videowall Processor

Extron Electronics, a leading company in the field of audio visual technology, yesterday announced the introduction of their new Quantum Ultra 305. Described as a compact modular 4K videowall processor, the Quantum Ultra 305 is a 3U, 5-slot card frame that supports any combination of Quantum Ultra input and output cards.

The Quantum Ultra 305 features a high-speed video bus with the same Extron HyperLane technology and real-time performance as Extron’s existing 6U, 10-slot Quantum Ultra 610. The processor, too, is slated as including a single card frame, which can support multiple output resolutions and screen orientations for simple, flexible system design.

The new processor, however, also utilises a modular card-frame architecture that can be populated with input and output cards selected to match source and display requirements. Multiple card frames, therefore, can be configured and operated as a single system to accommodate any size videowall, and RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces allow multiple direct connections for control systems.

All of those features, and the many more which we haven’t mentioned that the Quantum Ultra 305 also boasts, belie the processor’s smaller, more compact size. It is that which Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, claimed makes the new processor so special:

‘We’re enthusiastic about being able to deliver this new smaller Quantum Ultra videowall processor without sacrificing performance or capabilities…With Extron HyperLane technology, powerful processing features, and robust, secure operation, the Quantum Ultra 305 is a powerful yet cost-effective, space-saving solution for small to medium size videowalls.’

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