Extron Now Shipping New Compact Two Channel Dante Audio Interface

Extron's Compact Two-Channel Dante Audio Interface Now Shipping

Extron Electronics, a world leading manufacturer of audio visual solutions, have recently announced that they are now shipping their newest compact two-channel Dante audio interface. Named the AXI 02 AT, the new interface is described by Extron as a compact audio interface that extracts two channels from a Dante audio network, providing an easy way to connect devices that don’t offer Dante connectivity.

The newly shipping AXI 02 AT features two line level analog outputs on captive screw connectors with a mirrored two-channel S/PDIF output on a coaxial RCA connector. What’s more, it is designed to interface with a Dante audio network over a standard local area network, and is powered through PoE.

The Dante network which the new audio interface connects to, enables audio system scalability over a local area network using standard Internet protocols. The AXI 02 AT, therefore, is the latest in a family of Dante-enabled products from Extron which work together as part of a complete networked audio system solution and integrate with other Dante-enabled products to create efficient, scalable system designs.

Speaking in light of the announcement that the AXI 02 AT is now shipping, Extron’s vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Casey Hall, explained the advantages of the new interface:

‘Dante continues to be the preferred audio networking solution deployed across all professional AV environments…Allowing the benefits of Dante connectivity to be added to virtually any audio device, the AXI 02 AT is able to extract two audio channels from any local or cloud-based network and provide superior audio quality and low latency across a multitude of AV applications.’

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