Extron Now Shipping New One-Touch Recording Solution

StudioStation One Touch Recording Solution Now Shipping

Extron Electronics, a well-established world leader in audio visual solutions, have this week announced that they are now shipping a new one-touch recording solution designed for use in enterprise and commercial environments.

Named the StudioStation, the company claim that their innovative new product represents a quick, simple, and convenient solution for one-touch recording of high quality video and audio presentations. As such, the new product is slated as being perfect for video conferencing, business presentations and other similar uses.

Extron aren’t exaggerating, either, when they describe the new StudioStation product as being a ‘one-touch’ recording solution. In order to use it, after all, all one need do is to insert a USB or memory stick and press the record button and the StudioStation will set to work recording.

Being customisable to suit any installation, Extron claim that their new recording solution could prove invaluable for flipped classroom recordings, lecture capture, product presentations, board meetings, rehearsal spaces, deposition recordings, moot courts, or any other application where convenient, one-button recording is desired.

According to Extron’s vice president of sales and marketing, Casey Hall, the real appeal of the StudioStation stems from the hassle and problems that it can users to avoid:

‘For customers searching for a simple recording solution that works right out of the box, StudioStation delivers…StudioStation automates common functions and bypasses many of the hassles associated with computer-based recording systems.’

In order to deliver high quality as well as convenient recording, the StudioStation uses Extron high performance scaling and flexible signal processing.

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