Extron Unveil New In-Ceiling Subwoofer

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Extron Electronics, a world leading manufacturer of audio visual solutions, have in the past few days introduced a brand new in-ceiling subwoofer to complement their extensive range of ceiling and pendant speakers.

Named the Extron SF 10C SUB, the new subwoofer extends low frequency response to support music and high performance audio applications. As well as that, the SF 10C SUB also boasts an innovative suspended-by-wire mounting design, which completely isolates the subwoofer from the ceiling grid.

Working with other ceiling speakers to dramatically improve the system bass response, the SF 10C SUB features a 10” driver within a 4th order bandpass, plenum-rated enclosure. That driver has 800 watts of continuous program power handling capability to deliver ‘powerful, room-filling bass’ according to Extron.

Speaking about the newly introduced subwoofer, Extron’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Casey Hall, reiterated the product’s main benefits and explained how all of them combined make the SF 10C SUB a unique audio solution:

‘The SF 10C SUB is a unique solution to the problems associated with an in-ceiling subwoofer…Offering powerful low frequency performance that enhances ceiling speaker systems, the new subwoofer employs an innovative design that allows the subwoofer to be mounted in the plenum space while avoiding transfer of low end energy to the ceiling grid structure.’

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