Home Cinema Seating

Whatever your home cinema system, one of the most important aspects, of course, is how comfortably you will be sitting. Couture Digital have spent considerable effort finding, testing and accumulating the broadest network of home cinema seating suppliers, to offer you over 30 different styles. From home cinema seats to home cinema sofas and chaises, it is very probable that Couture Digital can source for you the perfect furniture for your custom home cinema. To give you an idea of the sorts of styles, configurations and customisations available here are some of our favourites:

Signature Cinema Seating

signature seating Home Cinema Seating












Signature Cinema seating features:

-Electronic reclining backrest and footrest
-Available in three standard colours: black / brown / cream
-Five special colours available to order
-Built in cup holders
-Interlocking, modular system for multiple seating

We like the modern design, the essential cinema chair features and the superb value. From £1,250 / chair.

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