Kaleidescape Announce Powerful New Home Cinema Mobile App

Kaleidescape announces a powerful Mobile App for home cinema designed to be the cornerstone of the Kaleidescape experience.

Kaleidescape, globally renowned specialists in luxury home cinema solutions, have this week announced the launch of a powerful new mobile app. Designed to add an extra dimension to Kaleidescape users’ home cinema experience, the new app boasts a number of notable features and capabilities.

Firstly, the new app offers those users an innovative user interface for selecting and purchasing movies, which can also be used for controlling the playback of feature films, concerts, and TV shows on their Kaleidescape system.

On top of that, the new Kaleidescape app also includes a unique remote that makes it fun and easy to control the onscreen display using a smartphone, without taking your eyes off the big screen. Movie recommendations and other handy information, too, is provided to the movie loving users of the app.

Speaking about the newly launched app, Kaleidescape CEO Cheena Srinivasan explained the thinking behind the company’s newest home cinema offering:

‘Kaleidescape is known for its beautiful onscreen user interface. However, to use it, many of our customers interact with 3rd party control tablets that make it impossible to use some of the best features of our onscreen user interface…Kaleidescape designed our new mobile app to solve this problem by providing a control interface that is as elegant as our onscreen interface.’

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