Kaleidescape Begins Incorporating Security Measures from NexGuard

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Kaleidescape, a leading manufacturer of home cinema movie players, servers and related solutions, have in the past few days announced a new collaboration with forensic watermarking technology and solutions company NexGuard.

The collaboration is set to see Kaleidescape utilise NexGuard’s watermarking solution to better protect their highest value content. Kaleidescape, after all, provides its home cinema users with a movie and TV store with content licensed from major motion picture and independent studios, featuring early releases, 4K and 4K HDR content and titles still playing in the cinema.

Forensic watermarking from NexGuard is able to add an invisible identifier to such content, which is designed to remain in place and be able to be detected even if the content is subsequently transcoded, resized, downscaled or adapted in any other way.

Speaking as part of his company’s announcement, Kaleidescape founder and CEO Cheena Srinivasan explained the importance of the new collaboration with NexGuard:

‘Kaleidescape’s Movie Store relies on strong relationships we continue to establish with the world’s leading content owners for the highest quality, finest films and TV programming offered to subscribers… With increasing customer appetite for theatrical content at a premium price, it is important to offer a higher degree of assurance to content owners. NexGuard provides exactly what the content owners are seeking to deter piracy at its source, and to continue to grow our high-quality movie service offerings.’

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