Loewe Introduce Personalised Audio Update for their TVs

loewe 4K HDR OLED Bild 3.65 TV installed in modern living room

Loewe, the world renowned TV manufacturer from Germany, have this past week announced an exciting personalised update to improve the overall audio quality of their wide range of different TV product lines.

The company have entered into a long-term partnership with sound personalisation specialists Mimi Hearing Technologies to bring audio optimisation to its current and future TVs. Loewe TVs already outstrip many rivals when it comes to sound quality, thanks to their built-in sound bars, but this new partnership is set to take things to a whole new level.

Through working with Mimi, Loewe are introducing software to their TVs which is designed to tailor the TVs’ audio performance to individual tastes and needs. It does so by using algorithms to create a profile for the user based on age, supposedly using data from over a million anonymous Mimi Hearing Test results.

Mimi Defined technology, therefore works, to analyse audio content in real time and adjust it to individual hearing sensitivity. The technology has only previously been available for headphones but will now be built into new Loewe TVs, and for existing models the (Bild 3 and higher) via a newly released software upgrade.

The impressive personalised sound will come free as part of all new Loewe TVs but it is believed that owners of existing Loewe sets will have to pay in order to receive the software update.

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