Loewe Launch Bild 5 HDR OLED TV

bild 5

Specialists in blending design aesthetics and technology, Loewe have this past week launched the newest addition to their popular Bild TV range. Named the Bild 5, the new set is available in both 55 inch and 65 inch sizes and was designed by the company’s creative director Bobo Sperlein.

It is likely the influence of Sperlein which accounts for the Bild 5’s striking appearance, which has been described by some as offering an ideal balance between substance and style. In order to make the new TV ideal for anyone and everyone’s aesthetic taste, too, the Bild 5 comes in a choice of either a natural oak or a high-gloss piano black finish.

Enhancing its modern and sleek look still further, the new TV measures only a tiny 4.9mm thick and yet still manages to pack in some impressive features. Each set, for instance, has OLED tech in place in order to produce deep blacks and crisp, vibrant colours. Picture quality is improved more, too, by the inclusion of Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision is Dolby’s proprietary HDR technology, which allows a scene to be specifically tailored to the screen on which it is being shown. That capability comes from the technology’s addition of a layer of metadata to existing HDR tech that adds more natural colour and picture detail.

The new Bild 5’s audio offering hasn’t been neglected either, with each TV being equipped with an on-board 5.1 multi-channel decoder and digital audio link. That means a surround sound system can be swiftly and easily added and controlled via the TV’s remote control.

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