Lutron Acquire Innovative Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control Solution Limelight

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Lutron Electronics, a world leading supplier of smart lighting and home automation solutions, have in the past few days announced the purchase of Limelight; an innovative wireless outdoor lighting control system created by Michigan-based, strategic innovation firm Twisthink and its partner company, TwistHDM.

Designed for outdoor and industrial facilities, Limelight is a wireless outdoor lighting control system that provides remote control and management, saves energy, and enhances facility safety.

It is also slated as helping to ensure code compliance and streamline the specification and design process thanks to the simplicity of its wireless fixture-level control architecture.

Lutron and TwistHDM have been commercially linked since last May, when announced a relationship that established Limelight by Lutron, adding a best-in-class wireless exterior lighting control offering to Lutron’s wide-ranging product line.

This acquisition of Limelight, therefore, represents an obvious yet exciting next step in the relationship, at least according to Lutron senior vice president, Scott Hanna:

‘The purchase of Limelight is the logical next step in the relationship between Lutron and TwistHDM…Limelight by Lutron was a terrific opportunity to deliver a simplified outdoor lighting solution that was part of a portfolio of indoor and outdoor smart building controls. Acquiring Limelight offers the potential for an even wider range of IoT solutions. With this new capability, we look forward to what we can do to fulfil our Number One principle: Take care of our customers with superior goods and services.’

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