Lutron and Cambridge Sound Management Announce New Partnership

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Lutron Electronics, a global leader in energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control, and Cambridge Sound Management, the world’s largest provider of sound masking technology, have in the past few days announced a brand new partnership. The partnership between the two notable tech firms means that Cambridge Sound Management’s market leading sound masking solutions can now integrate with certain Lutron enterprise solutions and systems.

Aimed at helping users to keep conversations in their conference rooms, huddle rooms, lobbies, or medical offices private and secure, the brand new partnership means that Cambridge Sound Management’s award-winning Qt Conference Room Edition and Qt Patient Privacy System sound masking solutions now integrate seamlessly with Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensor and the PowPak CCO module.

That integration, therefore, means that aforementioned sound masking systems can for the first time be programmed to activate automatically based on room occupancy. Thanks to reliable Lutron Clear Connect RF technology, when somebody enters a space with the systems installed, the occupancy sensor immediately sends a command to the PowPak CCO module, which activates the sound management system. To save energy, too, the system is also designed to turn off automatically when a room becomes vacant.

The improvement that the integration is able to make to any meeting or collaborative space, is what encouraged Lutron to partner with Cambridge Sound Management, according to vice president of Commercial Systems and Communications Scott Hanna:

‘Lutron is delighted to join Cambridge Sound Management in its effort to automatically activate sound masking systems that boost privacy…Lutron products will help seamlessly create the right environment for occupants, making them more comfortable and confident in the security of their private conversations.’

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