Lutron Expand Hi-Lume Premier Line with New 0.1% Architectural Downlight Driver

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Lutron Electronics, a globally renowned producer of lighting and shading solutions, have in the past week announced that they are expanding their Hi-Lume Premier Line of smart lighting devices. The expansion to the product line comes in the shape of a new 0.1% architectural downlight driver with EcoSystem digital control.

Described by Lutron as ‘a high‑performance solution for any space and any application’, the newly launched driver provides smooth, continuous dimming down to 0.1% of full output power, and transitions gracefully between off and on, with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black, according to the company’s announcement.

That means that the 0.1% driver offers best-in-class dimming per cubic inch on the market, and is ideal for projects that require downlights with a smaller aperture such as in the case of board rooms, conference rooms, theatres, restaurants, and architectural spaces.

In addition to small aperture downlights, the new architectural downlight driver from Lutron also works with smaller and lower-wattage linear & decorative luminaires. In whichever environment it is employed, too, the driver can deliver smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 0.1% for the most incandescent-like experience. What’s more, the driver is fully compatible with all Lutron EcoSystem controls including HomeWorks QS, Quantum, GrafikEye Energi Savr Node, and PowPak.

There’s no surprise, therefore, that Lutron’s product management director, Matt Ochs, is bullish about the potential of the company’s new driver:

‘Lutron designs with people in mind and understands that lighting performance impacts those occupying both residential and commercial spaces… Our expansion of the Hi-lume Premier family provides OEMs with a technology that’s easy to incorporate into their fixtures.’

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