Lutron Expand Smart Fixture Offerings with Finiré Prime Recessed Lighting

Specialists in smart lighting solutions, Lutron, have in the past week announced a new addition to their popular Ivalo line of smart control compatible LED fixtures. Named the Finiré Prime, the new addition to the product line is described as ‘a value-centric collection that offers design advantages for professional integrators’.

The general idea behind the new Finiré Prime fixtures is to offer high-performance LED light at an affordable cost to homeowners. At the same time, the fixtures also boast features and support which aim to solve both the technical issues surrounding LED, such as poor dimming quality or control compatibility, as well as the complications that surround selecting the right lighting fixture for a particular project.

Amongst those features, the Finiré Prime fixtures deliver 90+ CRI, two-step colour consistency, guaranteed Lutron control compatibility and a standard Lutron 1% dimming driver. What’s more, the fixtures are fully compatible with control solutions including RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS, and allow homeowners or integrators to choose the trim shape, colour temperature, beam spread, housing and control type they need.

All of that, therefore, makes the company’s new smart fixture offerings a real boon for Lutron customers, at least according to Lutron fixture solutions business manager Lanell Gray:

‘Finiré Prime expands Lutron’s Ivalo LED recessed lighting options with a streamlined solution that delivers the Lutron fixture difference. We’re pleased to offer our customers the confidence to design complex LED systems with guaranteed Lutron control compatibility, standard Lutron 1% flicker-free dimming drivers and Lutron one-stop-shop LED service and support.’

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