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Lutron is synonymous with Lighting control and the HomeWorks range is a great choice for a whole home system. Advanced lighting control, automated intelligence, mood and scene lighting are all capable from Lutron HomeWorks.  Properly designed, specified and installed, lighting control systems can make your home more comfortable, more beautiful, and more secure.

Lutron HomeWorks offers:


HomeWorks can automatically trigger different light and shade settings at specific times of the day or at times relative to sunrise or sunset. HomeWorks will even adjust for seasonal changes and daylight savings time. Your dealer can also program multiple schedules allowing for different events on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.


You can have all the power and convenience of HomeWorks whether you’re building a new home or simply want to install control in your current home. If you’re looking to retrofit your current home, HomeWorks wireless devices are the perfect solution.  Existing switches are replaced with wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads without new wiring.


A single HomeWorks keypad can control a number of functions, eliminating the need for unsightly control panels or extensive rows of switches. HomeWorks light controls are also available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to complement your home’s décor.


As an authorised dealer of the complete range of Lutron systems, and with in-house Lutron Grafik Eye and HomeWorks programmers, Couture Digital are well positioned to design supply and install a brand new system or repair and maintain an existing Lutron HomeWorks system.

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HomeWorks has been the leader in light control for luxury homeowners for over a decade. A HomeWorks system provides convenient, intelligent and sophisticated control of your home’s lighting and shades, and can be integrated with security and audiovisual systems. In addition to enhancing your lifestyle, HomeWorks’ Architectural and Designer style controls can also enhance your décor and complement your home. Centralized dimming panels can be used to provide control of multiple zones of light in a room or throughout your home from a single keypad.