Lutron Launch New Vive VUE IoT Enabled Management Software

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Lutron Electronics, a market leading manufacturer of smart lighting solutions, has in the past week announced the launch of their new Vive VUE management software. Described as ‘simple-to-use software that provides robust intelligence to facility managers’, Vive VUE provides a number of useful features for controlling lighting and related systems in many different types of buildings.

The new Vive VUE software is able to deliver information about how a building is actually being used, from how much energy is being saved to how often people are using certain spaces, such as conference rooms. That, therefore, enables building operations teams to maximise energy efficiency, space utilisation, comfort, and productivity.

Able to be used via a PC, laptop or mobile device, Vive VUE allows users to control and configure the lights within their building as well as monitoring, analysing, and reporting on the activity and performance of the lighting system in the building. What’s more, the software also facilitates intuitive graphical reporting on space utilisation and occupancy patterns.

All of that helps Vive VUE to advance Lutron’s mission to simplify smart building technology, according to their vice president of commercial systems and communications, Scott Hanna:

‘As the industry advances toward smarter solutions that provide more building data, we are seizing on an opportunity to deliver a product that doesn’t require users to choose between simplicity and intelligence…Vive Vue provides comprehensive, data-driven building analysis that uncovers opportunities for efficiencies and improved operations.’

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