Monitor Audio Announce Launch of New Monitor Series Speakers

Monitor audio, a leading manufacturer of audio solutions for the home and commercial environments, have in the past few days announced the launch of a new line of speakers named the ‘Monitor Series’.

Described as a beautifully designed family of speakers which deliver Monitor Audio’s renowned sound quality, the Monitor Series comprises two stand mounting models called the Monitor 50 and Monitor 100, two floor standing speakers named the Monitor 200 and Monitor 300, a centre channel labelled the Monitor C150 and a subwoofer called the Monitor MRW-10.

The Monitor 50 stand mounting speaker features 13cm driver and 25mm C-CAM dome tweeter, with a single set of gold-plated terminals. The larger Monitor 100, meanwhile, has a 16cm driver beneath the same tweeter, and two sets of terminals for optional bi-wiring.

The floor standing Monitor 200 packs more of a punch thanks to two 13cm drivers housed in separate chambers. Its larger counterpart, the Monitor 300, features three 16cm drivers and is described by Monitor Audio as a true ‘all-rounder’.

Designed for home cinema installations, the Monitor C150 centre channel speaker boasts twin 13cm drivers. For lower end sound quality, finally, the Monitor MRW-10 subwoofer deploys a 25cm bass driver to delve down to 30Hz.

All of the new Monitor Series of speakers boast striking orange driver cones and come in a choice of white, black or walnut exterior finishes. That brings ‘a contemporary focus to the sleek proportions and brings fun and functionality across the range’, according to Monitor Audio.

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