Monitor Audio Introduce Two New In-Wall Loudspeakers


Monitor Audio, a market leading manufacturer and supplier of audio solutions, has in the past week announced the introduction of two new in-wall loudspeakers to their flagship Controlled Performance range.

Named the CP-IW260X and the CP-IW460X, the two new in-wall architectural speakers feature the company’s latest drive-unit technologies, in compact three-way, five-driver configurations. Each speaker, too, boasts a closed box design which promises high fidelity music replay and near-invisible installation.

When it does come to installation, the new speakers include Monitor Audio’s ten-position ‘Tri-Grip’ mounting system, which simplifies set up within standard four inch stud wall bays. For added interior design options, what’s more, each of the pair of new speakers utilise trim-less magnetic grilles, which can be painted to better match surrounding decor.

Within the workings themselves, both the CP-IW260X and the CP-IW460X feature Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) cone material, with dual 165mm bass drivers and twin 102mm mid-woofers. Those twin mid-woofers are featured either side of a tweeter in a symmetrical configuration.

The higher end CP-IW460X also includes Monitor Audio’s RST ‘dimpled’ cone technology and a version of the high frequency ribbon transducer from the company’s acclaimed Gold and flagship Platinum speaker products. The former improves rigidity for enhanced dynamics whilst the latter extends beyond 50 KHz, for class leading high frequency performance in in-wall speaker design.

According to Monitor Audio, therefore, the new in-wall loudspeakers ‘offer high efficiency and power handling for class-leading sound pressure levels, combined with the dynamic wide-band response, deep bass extension and low distortion usually expected of specialised floor-standing speakers’.

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