Monitor Audio Launch Studio Speakers and Matching Stands

Monitor Audio, a world leading manufacturer of all manner of speakers and other audio solutions, have in the past few weeks announced the launch of their new Studio Speakers and matching stands.

Described by the company as ‘an elegant and powerful loudspeaker that will grace any setting’, the new pair of Studio Speakers borrow significantly from Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum II Series of speakers for their technology. Beneath a honeycomb tweeter, dual 10cm drivers within the Studio Speakers boast the same magnetic design and materials as the Platinum II Series.

In order to deliver detailed and accurate audio performance, the Studio Speakers also utilise dual 4” RDT drivers and an MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer. That helps the speakers to not only deliver clear and natural sound but also to twin that with deep bass and plenty of mid-range detail.

The Studio Speakers, too, feature rear-mounted HiVe II dual slot ports which work to ensure that the pressure inside the cabinet is symmetrically balanced and that there is no turbulence and air noise. Those cabinets are hand-crafted using rigid MDF and finished in a satin black, white or grey lacquer finish and can sit upon optional Studio Speaker stands which are also now available from Monitor Audio.

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