Monitor Audio Launch New Super Slim In-Wall Speaker Range

Monitor Audio, a world renowned manufacturer of speakers and related audio solutions, have announced the launch of their new Super Slim In-Wall range of architectural speakers. Comprising three distinct models, the range is described by Monitor Audio as defying restrictive depths and offering the company’s ‘slimmest in-wall speakers yet’.

The range is designed to open up new opportunities when it comes to the potential placement of speakers, with each model within the new line boasting a depth of only 50mm (two inches). According to Monitor Audio, the shallow reach of the speakers means that ‘where previously speaker installation was prohibitive, options appear, creating new prospects and fresh design approaches’.

All able to be used in either vertical or horizontal applications, the three models within Monitor Audio’s new Super Slim In-Wall range also share a number of other features. Those include three bass/mid-range drivers plus one tweeter, smartly designed to enable the performance of significantly larger monitors.

The entry level speaker in the new Monitor Audio range is named the WSS130 and is ‘likely to find itself in many general home theatre and music applications’ according to the company. The mid-range speaker, meanwhile, is named the WSS230 and provides a step up in performance thanks to the addition of a number of extra features, including Monitor Audio’s famed C-CAM metal drivers.

The top of the range WSS430, meanwhile, maintains its siblings’ shallow depth and yet manages to offer supreme audio performance, drawing on design principles, and materials, from Monitor Audio’s flagship Platinum II speakers.

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