Certified Crestron Repair & Support Services

We offer three service options for customers who require Crestron repair, support or maintenance on their existing Crestron installation. These range from a short and simple free site survey to a full and detailed technical analysis. We can also design tailored service contracts to suit your system and requirements.

Crestron Free Site Survey – £FREE

Crestron Site Survey

A brief, visual inspection of the system to assist us in creating an estimate for repair or upgrade. This inspection is a “tool free” visit. The engineer will inspect the equipment, functionality and the general quality of installation and will make notes.
A free site survey generally lasts around 30-60 minutes.

  • Free site surveys are limited to a 100 mile radius of our central London office, for surveys beyond this there will be a modest charge for travel costs.
  • We cannot offer a fixed price quotation for repair or upgrade after a Free Site Survey but we will give you the most accurate estimate we possibly can.

Crestron System Health Check & Report– £100+VAT

Crestron Diagnostic Software

A detailed analysis of the Crestron system using specialist software. This will help us to create a more accurate estimate. We will produce a report which details each device in the system and comments on it’s condition/health.
A health check will take between 1-2hrs.

  • This is for Crestron systems only and does not extend to the non-Crestron equipment which is being controlled.
  • We recommend the system health check to anyone who is considering buying a home which has an existing Crestron installation. Having the system surveyed before you buy could save you a considerable amount of money if the system is in need of significant repair.

Full Technical Survey – £400+VAT

A full technical survey builds on the site survey and health check and goes on to include every connected device and wherever possible the cable infrastructure too. After a full technical survey we will be able to provide a fixed price quotation for repair. A full technical report will detail every device, highlight problems, suggest upgrades or fixes and give other advice.
A full technical survey will take approximately 8hrs.

  • On occasions where the system is too large to be surveyed within 8hrs we will warn you within the first 20 minutes so that you can decide whether you wish for us to continue.

Advantages of Couture Digital Crestron Services:

  • Fully certified and authorised from Crestron
  • Fixed pricing if required
  • Central London based
  • Very competitive pricing

We are authorised dealers, installers and programmers of the entire range of Crestron systems. Not only do we design, supply, install and commission brand new Crestron systems but we also offer repair and maintenance services for existing systems. Whether if you would like to make changes to your existing system, have a hardware failure that needs replacement, or you would like to upgrade or expand your system, our engineers have extensive experience supporting and upgrading systems in:

-corporate boardrooms
-conference rooms
-home cinemas
-cultural and event centres
-court rooms
-private aircraft

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