Official Runco Dealer/Installer/Programmer/
Support- London UK

Couture Digital uses Runco projectors and flat panel displays in it’s high-end home cinema installations and media rooms.

Would you like a demonstration of one of Runco’s projectors? Call us now and let us arrange a private screening for you.

Couture Digital are certified and authorised Runco dealers. Our engineers can provide a wide range of services including consultation, design, specification, supply, installation, programming, support and maintenance.

Couture Digital have years of experience designing and installing Runco systems and our engineers are expert at troubleshooting and repairing faults on older systems.

Whether you require a completely new specification or repair of an older system we can provide you official dealer service and support.

Call us now on 0800 195 4825 for official dealer advice or support on your Runco system


Since 1986, Runco has been a leader in the custom home theater industry and has sole focus on the commitment to research & development toward cultivating the latest and finest products and services in HD home theater video displays.

Runco International, Inc. is the leading name in the custom home theater industry. For fourteen years, Runco has been synonymous with the leading edge of this steadily maturing industry. The company is credited with having the vision to see an industry evolving when none existed. Runco built a strong foundation for the home theater industry to become a distinguishable segment of the retail landscape.

After identifying the market expansion years ago, Sam Runco positioned the company to benefit from the market’s growth. Runco made key acquisitions in companies and technology to strategically create platforms that appealed to a mid-range market with products that have the “sizzle” of Runco’s high-end brand name line. The acquisitions also introduced home theater video products with basic product offerings and some of the romance of the higher and mid-range systems to a broader market.


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