Design Conscious Distributed Audio Installation

This project in vibrant High Street Kensington is a perfect example of Couture Digital design philosophy. An airy two bedroom flat in one of the tallest blocks in the area was undergoing complete modernisation by a creative, young professional with a background in architecture and design. As part of her vision to create a free flowing space for entertaining she contacted Couture Digital to design and install a sound system that would provide the sonic stimulation in her deeply design oriented apartment. Critically, this young lady was as far from a tech-head as is possible and also very precise in her aesthetic requirements.

Well experienced in working with clients who have a clear vision for their perfect space, Couture Digital worked diligently alongside the contracted interior designer to create a sound system at once; aesthetically worthy of the space it entertained, and, simple enough to be crowned with the coveted moniker of “it just works” by the most technologically uninterested.

The completed scheme showcases a flagship Denon AV receiver to provide Audyssey room-corrected 5.1 surround sound in the lounge conveniently allowing the remainder two channels for audio distribution in the open-plan kitchen and breakfast area. Seven colour-matched Anthony Gallo speakers provide orb shaped punctuation to the minimalist walls they protrude from. And of course, “fantastic sound as well” – this description faithfully reproduced in the order our satisfied client introduces these specific ‘design elements’ to her guests. With simple hard button remote controls for each of the areas, adjusting levels to suit is sufficiently straight-forward.

With all items on the brief convincingly checked off our client is delighted with the result and reportedly tested whether the space performs for purpose – comfortable living and hosting parties! The answer? A resounding “absolutely”.

Certainly this system was not the most powerful or the most sophisticated but critically above all else, it suits our client exactly. This exemplifies our belief that the finest systems are those that fit the purpose perfectly. Not only is that of greater value to our clients but also ensures our systems are lean and cost effective. This is the difference when commissioning Couture Digital to be your home technology expert.



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