RTI Announce New Two Way Driver for Aprilaire Thermostats


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), a world leading control and automation manufacturer for both residential and commercial environments, yesterday announced the availability of a two way driver for Aprilaire’s line of Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.

According to the announcement of the driver, the interface allows integrators to add the Aprilaire thermostats into an RTI control and automation ecosystem. That in turn will provide clients with the comfort and convenience of Aprilaire’s air purity and freshness features along with temperature and humidity controls afforded by RTI automation solutions.

Developed by RTI themselves, the new two way driver allows an RTI system to monitor and control Aprilaire’s four newest Wi-Fi thermostat models. That monitoring and control can be achieved using RTI’s line of control interfaces, including the company’s RTiPanel app smart devices.

All of that means that RTI system users will be able to conveniently access and adjust the temperature, humidity, and optional air purity and freshness functions for added comfort and energy efficiency.

As part of the announcement of the new two way driver, RTI’s vice president of sales for the Americas, Mike Everett, explained the motivation behind the link up with Aprilaire:

‘With this partnership, we’re able to deliver a powerful driver that takes full advantage of their climate control capabilities and give our dealers the ability to offer their clients an extra level of comfort in their homes.’

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